Credit Card Is Being Used by My Employee Without My Permission


  • An employee of a Republic Wireless member has activated a phone onto a separate account and is using a company credit card as method of payment


  • Employer is a Republic Member
  • Employer provided the employee with a Republic phone for business use
  • Employee is no longer authorized to use employers card
  • Employer is not an authorized user on the employee account with Republic


  1.  Reach out to your employee and ask them to update the card on file using the following process
  2. If they refuse, then reach out to your financial institution and report fraudulent charges on the credit card


The employer has determined that the employee is no longer eligible to use company credit card for Republic Wireless service

Additional Notes

If you are not listed as the account owner on the employee Republic Wireless account then per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Privacy Policies we are not permitted to make any changes to the employees account without their consent

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