How to Test Cell Data Speed


  • Determine the speed your Republic phone is receiving and sending cellular data 



  1. Download the app Speedtest by Ookla from the Google Play store
  2. Turn off WiFi
  3. Open the Speedtest app and run a few speed tests

Additional Notes

Slow cell data speeds can be caused by poor signal, software, or Reduced Data Speeds on our 1.0 plans.

If your data speeds do not fall within the parameters below, please open a help ticket.  If you already have an existing ticket, please reply to your ticket and let us know the speed of your data

  • 3G              384 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps
  • 4G / LTE      2 Mbps to 8 Mbps
  • It's normal for the download speed to be faster than the upload speed

Should be noted that running this test will consume approximately 20 MB of cellular data.

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