How to Fix Displayed Caller ID


  • Correct Displayed Caller ID


  • Incorrect Caller ID Information
  • No Caller ID Information


  1. Open a Help Ticket with Republic Help or reply to your existing ticket with the name you would like displayed. 
    • The Caller ID label must be within 15 characters
      • Only include letters and spaces (no special characters)
      • Can be a personal or business name
    • If using a personal name, it can only appear as a name on the account (owner or user) using one of the formats below:
      • First Name Last Name (John Smith)
      • First Name, Last Initial (John S.)
      • First Initial Last Name (J. Smith)
      • Last Name, First Name (Smith, John)
      • Last Name, First Initial (Smith, J)
    • If using a business name, it can only be 15 characters using letters and spaces

Additional Notes

  • Calls placed to other Republic Wireless numbers and to some numbers held by specific providers will not display the caller ID information because these carriers do not use the national database where the updates are logged to pull the caller ID for incoming calls.
  • You can assign additional names to the account as users on service lines: How to Assign a User to a Phone
  • If no caller ID is set, by default the caller ID will be displayed as telephone number/location. The location displayed is based on what rate center the number originates from.
  • Numbers that are transferred to Republic Wireless will not be re-indexed in the national registry unless a request is made to do so; caller ID information from the previous provider may continue to be displayed.

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