Text Not Going Through Due to Error "Please Use a Valid Number" for SMS/MMS


  • Error Message: "Please Use a Valid Number for SMS. (Only US Phone Numbers Are Supported.)"



  1. Ensure that you're using full 10 digit number and try again
  2. Delete any unsent messages in the message thread
  3. Remove any apps that can cause issues with a phone's performance and service


Republic Wireless only supports 10 digit numbers for texting and calling.  Any unsent messages may also prevent new messages from sending; this could also show due to problematic apps being on the phone, causing issues with service.  

Additional notes

If you have an existing message thread, check to ensure that the contacts in the thread show full digit numbers with an area code.  If they don't, you may need to create a new thread after updating the contacts with an area code.   

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