What Should I Do If My Phone Is Lost or Stolen?



Additional Notes

  • To keep your same number when activating a new phone, see How to Change Phones and Keep Your Number
  • For warranty replacement please see: Is My Lost Or Stolen Phone Covered By My Phone Warranty?
  • If you currently have a 1.0 or 2.0 phone and are buying a 3.0 phone you will need to choose a My Choice plan.
  • If attempting to reactivate a Republic Wireless 3.0 phone, if the phone's is outfitted with a GSM SIM card that has been inactive for more than 20 days, you will need a new SIM card.
  • If instead of activating a new or used phone as a replacement, you decide to cancel service with us, keep in mind that your number will go inactive and that it will not be recoverable after 30 days from deactivation.
  • For account security resetting your passwords is also encouraged.

See also: Why Does a SIM Card Expire 20 Days After Deactivation? 

See also: Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM?

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