Voicemail and Call Notifications Not Showing or Disappearing


  • Voicemail notification/alerts not showing in notification bar when received
  • Calls not populating in the call history within the phone application



  1. Review any apps that may be interfering with the phone software
    • This is usually caused by Call blocking apps
    • Anti-Virus and Security apps may also cause 
  2. Uninstall the problematic app(s)
  3. Clear the System Cache
  4. If the notification icons still aren't showing please open a Help ticket


A 3rd party application installed to your phone may be causing an interference with notifications appearing.  Reviewing applications installed on the phone would be a good step to take. The problematic app will need to be uninstalled in order to restore notification icons/alerts.

If you don't wish to remove the app, see if any settings within the app could be adjusted to prevent the issue from occurring.  

Additional Notes

Some call blocking applications such as Hiya will use a database of known numbers that will be blocked automatically.  If a number isn't listed your blocked numbers, it may be in that database.  Removing the app may be the only way to resolve this. 

If you'd like to block numbers using our application, please see How to Block Calls/Numbers Using the Republic Wireless App

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