How to Test Calls or Messages on an Alternate WiFi Network


  • To test calls or messages on a different WiFi network
  • To narrow the focus of a Help Ticket by confirming how a phone works on a different WiFi network



  1. Take your phone to a location where a public WiFi network is available
    • Note: We find that Starbucks or McDonald's locations have reliable networks
  2. Open the WiFi Setting on your phone
  3. Tap the name of the WiFi Network 
  4. Open the Chrome application on your phone
  5. Try to access a web page to confirm you are connected to the WiFi network
  6. If you are presented with a page asking you to accept the network’s Terms of Service, please accept them
  7. Once you have confirmed you are connected to the network, verify that you have a solid Republic arc in the top left corner of your phone
  8. Test the issue you were experiencing with calls or messages
    • Example: Make a call or send or receive a message
  9. Provide feedback on your testing in your existing Help Ticket

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