Why Isn't My PIN Working for All of My Number Ports?


  • Porting away from Republic Wireless
  • Invalid PIN/Password rejection from Republic Wireless
  • Porting out using the account owner PIN number


Each user on the account requires a PIN/Password be set. If your other service lines are assigned to users then please have that user log into their My Account Portal with the assigned email address to update their PIN number. They will then need to have their new service provider cancel the initial transfer request and issue a new one with the updated PIN.

Additional Notes

If there aren't any additional users on the account and there is just an account owner, only one PIN is needed for all of the service lines. However, we recommend assigning a PIN and user to each of the service lines on the account.

To update the PIN(s) on your account, see How to Update Your account PIN. To assign a user, see How to Assign a User to a Phone.

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