I Experience Intermittent SIM Card Errors That Do Not Affect Service

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  • SIM card error occurs
  • Cellular service continues to function despite the error
  • Typically occurs during the startup of the phone
  • May be more frequent when Bluetooth is enabled



  1. Tap Continue when the error occurs to dismiss the message.
  2. Disabling Bluetooth may reduce the frequency of occurrence, however a Motorola software update would be required to resolve this problem. There is currently no known release date for such an update.


The issue appears to have started as a result of changes to the Google Mobility Services system app which lead to a timeout when the SIM card is communicating with the cellular partner during startup.

Additional Notes

  • This error is purely cosmetic and is a known issue that we have investigated alongside Motorola.
  • It does not represent a problem with your SIM card in most cases.
  • If you lose cellular service as a result of this error, then the problem may be something else. Please see our other Help articles about SIM card errors.

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