How to Test the Microphone/Sound Hardware on Motorola Phones


  • Test sound hardware such as speaker, microphone, etc.


  • All Motorola Phones


  1. Open the app drawer
  2. Open the Device Help app or Moto Help app
  3. Tap the Fix tab (In the Moto Help app you may need to select Device Diagnosis)
  4. Tap Hardware Tests
  5. Tap the hardware to be tested
  6. Tap Begin Test
    • Note:  If you are testing the microphone, you will need to speak for three seconds and then the audio will be played back
  7. Tap Yes or No depending on if the test was successful

Additional Notes

Please remove any screen protector from the phone before performing the test as that can skew the results.

If the hardware tests failed, please take a screenshot of the Hardware Test page and open a Help Ticket providing the screenshot for reference. If you already have a ticket open, attach the screenshot to your existing ticket. 

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