Unrecognized Charge from Republic Wireless Service


  • My credit card is being charged but the charge doesn't appear on my Republic account


  • Credit card
  • Charge(s)


  1. If you have a Republic Wireless account, check your Orders, Payments, and Returns by following the steps in this article: How to view and Print Your Orders, Payments, and Returns
    • If you do have an account but are still not sure about the charges. There may be a misunderstanding in the billing invoices. Please open up a Help Ticket and attach a screenshot or picture of your billing statement so we can review your account and discuss this with you.
  2. If you do not have a Republic Wireless account but have friends or family who do, please reach out to your friend or family member as they may have your credit card on their account.
    • Generally, this can happen if you purchase a phone or pay for something from Republic Wireless for them. As we only can have one card on file, purchasing anything will update the card on file to the card used in the transaction.
  3. If you or your friends or family have Relays, the charge could be coming from there. Reach out to Relay for assistance.
  4. Do you use Republic Services for your recycling and waste solutions? This may be where the "Republic" charge is coming from. 
  5. If neither you nor your friend/family member has a Republic Wireless account or Relays, reach out to your financial institution regarding the erroneous charge(s)

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