How to Provide Purchaser Authorization for Warranty Review


  • Provide authorization for Republic Wireless to replace a phone purchased on a different account or from different email


  • Phone purchased from Republic Wireless
  • Within 1 year warranty
  • Phone was purchased with an account/email different than the account it is currently active on
  • All requested troubleshooting has been completed


  1. Open a help ticket from the email address used when purchasing the phone
  2. Reference the current help ticket number
  3. Give explicit authorization to review replacement options

Additional Notes

For your protection Republic Wireless can only replace phones with the original purchaser's permission. The original purchaser is determined by email address and the associated account. 

We can accept permission over the phone from the verified owner of the purchasing account. 

Any warranty with Republic Wireless ends when the phone is taken to another provider. see I Am No Longer With Republic Wireless, Can I Still Replace My Phone Under Warranty?

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