How to Collect Call Examples For Republic Help


  • Collect examples of problematic calls to provide to Republic Help



Provide 3 to 5 examples of problematic calls within the last 24 to 48 hours to Republic Help via your open Help ticket

  • For each example, provide the following information:
    • The number that placed the call and the number that was called
    • The date, time, and timezone of the call
      • If inbound call examples do not appear in your call history, provide the date and time to the best of your knowledge
    • Whether or not your Republic phone was connected to WiFi at the time of the call

When providing the examples, please provide the following, if relevant:

  • If the issue is with calls not completing, let us know whether or not the call was received
  • If the issue is with call quality, how was the call experience and/or quality?
  • If you are seeing an error message, please provide a screenshot of it

Additional Notes

We are only able to view the routing details of calls that have been placed within the past 48 hours, so please try to update us with your examples as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of placing the calls.

Formatting examples as detailed above and including all the relevant information requested will assist us in assessing these as accurately as possible.

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