"Cellular Configuration Failed" or "COMMS_SOCKET_ERROR" When Attempting a Profile Update

 No longer supported for new activation

While still supported for service, the phone(s) described in this article can no longer be activated on My Choice or other legacy plans. Please see Phone Compatibility on 5.0 Plans for information on currently supported phones.


  • When attempting a profile update "COMMS_SOCKET_ERROR" or "Cellular Configuration Failed" error appears



One of the steps below should resolve this error message

  1. Power the phone OFF and ON 2 to 3 times to see if the profile update will complete
  2. Unplug your WiFi modem for 30 seconds, plug it back in, and then reboot the phone and attempt another profile update
  3. Go to Settings and turn WiFi OFF, then perform a profile update
    • Note: This step will only work if you are within a reliable cellular coverage area, you can double check the coverage at your address here
  4. Connect to a different WiFi network and attempt the profile update
    • Note: Verify that you have a solid Republic arc in the top left corner of your phone and that your Republic Wireless notification says "Great! WiFi Calls, Messages & Data"
  5. If you're not already working with Republic Help and none of the above steps resolved the issue, please open a help ticket


The profile update has failed, and the WiFi network is having trouble establishing or maintaining a reliable connection to our cellular servers

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