How to Custom Factory Reset CDMA 3.0 Phones


  • To reset the phone to a factory state and clear additional network credentials under the direction of Republic Help



  1. Ensure you are connected to a good WiFi network
  2. Back Up Contacts, Photos, Videos, Apps, Music, Messages, or Other Miscellaneous Files
  3. Go to phone dialer and input * # * # 786 # * # *
    • NOTE: for Samsung phones input # # 786 #
  4. Tap Reset Default
  5. Input code 000000
  6. Tap verify/OK to reset
    • NOTE: For Samsung users, if you have a Samsung Account set up, you may be prompted to select Delete All and then prompted to enter your Samsung account credentials
  7. After the phone restarts during the setup and after signing into your Google account, please select Don't restore to setup the phone as a new device, if prompted

Additional Notes

A factory reset will reset your phone to a cleared state - apps, internal memory, contacts, photos/videos, or other personal info will not be backed up or synced automatically. Any firmware updates you have installed will still be on your phone. 

You must have the correct Google account login information before resetting the device. Resetting without this information puts you at risk of permanently being locked out of your device.

  • Note: Do not change your Google account password for 72 hours before or after your factory reset, as it may lock you out of your phone for an additional 72 hours for security purposes.

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