A Different Number is Showing When I Make Calls and/or Send Texts


  • Another phone number is showing when making outbound calls and sending outbound text messages
  • Phone appears to have two different phone numbers



There is currently a bug with the Republic Wireless app. The following steps should resolve it

  1. Uninstall the Republic Wireless app/uninstall updates
  2. Force Reboot the phone
  3. Reinstall the Republic Wireless app/reinstallupdates

If the above steps do not resolve the issue please continue with the following steps:

  1. Ensure the Republic app is installed, enabled, and up to date
  2. Use the native Dialer app and a supported messaging app (Messages by Google or Republic Anywhere)
  3. If using the Messages by Google app:
    1. disable the RCS Chat feature 
    2. confirm the phone number in the app is set to your Republic phone number
  4. Refresh Republic Wireless Activation (If this doesn't resolve the issue proceed with How to Reset Republic Connections on 3.0 Phones)
  5. Ensure the phone is not in Safe Mode or utilizing an Android guest or user profile
  6. Factory reset the phone and reinstall or update the Republic Wireless app 

Additional Notes

If you're having trouble with your Caller ID displaying an incorrect name rather than an incorrect phone number, see How to Fix Displayed Caller ID.

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