Phone Didn't Switch over the Number After Being Setup


  • Phone did not activate and switch over the phone number
  • The phone isn't working


  • New Moto Z Play purchased with a different or new account
  • Activation with a current Republic Wireless number
  • The phone has been fully setup


  1. Sign into the Republic Wireless app
    • Note: You'll want to use the Republic Wireless account which manages the number you want moved to the phone
  2. Tap the option to move the phone number to the new phone
  3. Confirm that the plan, phone number, and credit card being charged are all correct
  4. Tap Submit Activation


A phone number is stored under one account with Republic Wireless at a time, and to see the phone number during activation, you have to be logged into that account, rather than being logged into the account which purchased the phone.

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