How to Disable (Turn Off) TalkBack (Accessibility Feature)


  • Disable TalkBack



  1. Turn your phone on using the power button
  2. Double tap the padlock icon at the top of the screen
  3. If you have a PIN or password lock, slowly enter the pin/password and press the submit arrow in the lower right
    • If you have to backspace, you must double tap the back arrow in order for it to backspace one character
  4. Open your App Drawer by double tapping it or swiping up with two fingers
  5. Tap the Settings app and then double-tap Settings to access the app
  6. Use two fingers to scroll down to Accessibility
  7. Tap Accessibility to select then double-tap
  8. Tap TalkBack to select then double-tap
  9. Tap the Toggle next to Use service to select then double-tap
  10. Tap OK to select then double-tap


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