How to Become Tax Exempt


  • For a Republic Wireless account to become tax-exempt


  • An active Republic Wireless account

  • Tax exemption form(s)


  1. Open a Help Ticket 
  2. Attach a copy of your state-specific exemption form
    • Note: Some states issue personalized exemption certificates, and we ask that you please attach your state-issued certificate to your help ticket if that applies to you. If your state does not issue personalized exemption certificates, or you need to fill out a state-specific form, you can find blank exemption certificates at this link.
  3. Submit your tax exemption form for review

Additional Notes

  • An IRS issued Exempt Organization Affirmation Letter is not sufficient to exempt accounts from state transactional tax
  • Ensure your organization qualifies for tax-exempt status in your state
  • Ensure that your Republic Wireless service is for the sole use of the tax-exempt organization
  • All exemption certificates must be filled out completely to be accepted
  • Where applicable, please fill in the seller information section with the following information: 
    • Republic Wireless, Inc.
    • 940 Main Campus Dr. (Ste. 300)
    • Raleigh, NC 27606

If you do not have an account yet please see:

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