How to Reactivate a Phone that was Canceled for Past-Due Amount


  • Reactivate phone that was canceled after missing payment



  1. If a past due balance remains on the account you'll need to pay the past-due balance, first 
  2. Activate your phone using the normal activation procedure
    • This will give you a new phone number as with a normal activation
  3. Inform Republic Help that your phone has been reactivated, and ask if your original number is recoverable
    • If within 30 days of cancellation, Republic Help may be able to restore your original number

Additional Notes

If the phone that was canceled was outfitted with a GSM SIM card, it can only be reactivated for up to 20 days. After 20 days, a replacement SIM card will be needed. For more information, see Invalid SIM During Reactivation.

See also Why Does a SIM Card Expire 20 Days After Deactivation?

See also: Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM?


If you have canceled a Motorola DEFY XT, please note that phone can't be reactivated


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