How to Move a Phone and Number to a New or Other Account


  • Move the phone to a new or another account with same phone number



Note: Moving a number from one account to another requires the attention of a team that is typically available only during normal business hours. If you cannot operate with a temporary number overnight or across a weekend, it is best to begin this process early in the day on a business day.

  1. If the phone you want to move is assigned to a user, un-assign the user.
  2. Open a Help Ticket to get the service line associated with the phone and number canceled. In the Reason for Ticket field select Account or Plan Management then Merge or Split Account
    • Note: If you are on an Annual Payment Option you must request a coupon in that ticket for Splitting/Merging Accounts because you already paid for the Annual Payment Option. In addition please provide why you are requesting Account Split/Merge - after annual payment has started.
  3. A Republic Wireless agent will cancel your service line on your behalf
  4. Once the line is canceled the owner of the new/other account will need to reactivate the phone with a temporary number using the new/other account's log-in credentials (if you are on an Annual Payment Option you need activate using the provided coupon)
    • Note that you won't be able to select your desired phone number during this step; a new temporary number will be assigned
  5. The owner of the new/other account needs to open a second ticket from the new/other account's verified owner email referencing the ticket number from Step 2
  6. Wait for confirmation from Republic Wireless Help that the number transfer has been completed.
    • Numbers are generally transferred across accounts within a couple of hours during normal business hours.
  7. Reboot your phone

Additional Notes

If the phone being moved is currently on one of our 1.0 Republic Wireless plans, it will initially be activated onto one of the 2.0 Republic Refund plans. Ask your Republic Help Agent about getting reverted back to your original plan after activation has completed. 

If only moving the phone number to a different/new phone on a separate account, see: How to Move a Number to a Phone on a Different Account

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If moving a user's phone and number to another account, see: How to Move a User's Phone and Number to New or Other Account

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