Can I Keep My Phone Number When I Cancel?

 Certain phones cannot be re-activated!

Republic Wireless 1.0/2.0 phones and the DEFY XT cannot be re-activated.


  • Cancelation request menu
  • No "Submit" option after selecting "I Want to Keep My Number"


No; If you cancel your phone's service, the number is forfeited and cannot be transferred to other providers or activated on a replacement Republic Wireless phone.

Additional Notes

  • We can sometimes restore a number that has been canceled for fewer than 30-days, but it's not guaranteed If you want us to try to restore a number that has been canceled within the last 30 days, re-activate the phone with a new number and open a Help Ticket to let us know the number that needs to be restored.
  • If you want to leave Republic Wireless, transfer your number to your new carrier before canceling. 


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