Can I Change My Bill Cycle Date?

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  • Bill cycle date
  • Any Republic Wireless account


Members are unable to change their bill cycle date. If your credit card is declined on your billing date, there is a grace period before a service interruption occurs. The Update Credit Card feature in your Account portal provides you the opportunity to process a late payment with no punitive fee.

If it is necessary to have your bill cycle date changed permanently, please open a help ticket in advance of the date you wish to be billed. The process requires us to take the following steps on the date you want to be billed

  • We must first cancel every phone on your account
  • We must wait for the account to close out (which can take an hour, sometimes more)
  • After hearing from us that the account is fully canceled, you would then re-activate your phones.
    • Note: Activation must take place on the phone, so this is not a step we can do for you.
  • Once you notify us that the phones are re-activated, we would restore your former number to the phones. 

Note: This process requires us to cancel all phones on the account for a period of time; calling and texting will not be operational during that time.

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