Republic Anywhere FAQs

What is Republic Anywhere?

Republic Anywhere is a suite of apps that lets you use your Republic phone number to send SMS (text) and MMS (picture/group) messages from any of your compatible devices, on WiFi and cellular, like your computer or tablet. Anywhere syncs your information across your devices so you always have your contacts and latest messages, regardless of what device you’re using.

How do I install Anywhere?

To get started with Anywhere, simply follow the instructions in How to Install Republic Anywhere.

Is there any additional cost for Anywhere?

No, Anywhere is available to you at no additional charge as a Republic Wireless member.

Do I have to use the Anywhere app on my phone, or can I use another messaging app?

For the full experience of Republic Anywhere, you’ll need to use the Anywhere app as your default SMS/MMS app on your phone. If you use a third party messaging app as your default, messages sent to and from you using your phone will still sync to your computer, but any messages sent from your computer will not sync to your phone.

What types of devices are supported?

To see if your devices are compatible and for a full list of supported devices, please see Republic Anywhere Minimum System Requirements.

How many devices can I use Anywhere on at a time?

You can use Anywhere on up to 5 devices, including your phone, per service line, at any given time. If you’ve already installed Anywhere on 5 devices and want to add another, you’ll need to deregister one of your other devices first. For more information, please read How to Deregister a Device from Republic Anywhere.

What if there are multiple lines on my account? How do we each sign in?

The account owner must assign a user to an active service line on their account to allow that user access to the Anywhere service. Account owners have full access to messaging history, through the desktop app, for service lines that aren’t assigned to a specific user. For more information on how to assign users to service lines on your account, please read the “Assign This Phone” section of My Account.

How much of my messaging history will sync?

When adding a new Anywhere endpoint, messages from the previous 30 days will be synced to the new endpoint. (The message history will then be stored locally on the device until you uninstall the app, or reset local content.)

What’s the difference between deleting and archiving messages?

When you archive messages, you’re simply hiding the conversation. If you were to continue the conversation with the same recipient(s), the archived message history will be shown again. However, when you delete messages, those messages are permanently removed from your device. Currently, the ability to delete messages is only available on your phone.

If I don’t like Anywhere how do I stop using it?

All you need to do is uninstall Anywhere from your phone and any devices that you have installed it on.

Can Republic Anywhere be used by multiple people, with different phone numbers, on the same device?

Yes, users can sign out and sign in as needed on shared devices. The only exception is your Republic phone, in which case only the phone number associated with that phone can be used with Anywhere.

What file types are supported for MMS (picture messages)?

Anywhere supports most major image formats such as .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF (up to 1 MB), etc. At this time, Anywhere doesn’t support sending videos from the Windows or macOS app. We’re working on having this feature available in the future; in the meantime, you can still send videos from your Android phone.

Does data used by Anywhere count against my monthly data limit?

No, data used by Anywhere will not count against your monthly data limit.

I’m having some issues with Anywhere, how can I get help?

If you need help with Anywhere, our Community is a great place to start. You can also open a Help ticket and one of our Help team members will be happy to assist you! For more information, please see How to Get Help with Republic Anywhere.

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