Republic Wireless App: Overview


    • The Republic Wireless app is used in conjunction with Republic Wireless service and lets you manage data, voicemail, and account settings. You can also request Help from Republic, connect with our Community, or search our Help Center.
  • Note for members on 5.0 Plans:
      • Because functionality to support 5.0 plans in the Republic Wireless App is currently being built, Members on a 5.0 plan are unable to use the app at this time. 
      • If you attempt to sign into the Republic Wireless App, you will be redirected to on your phone where you will have the same options and be able to perform the same actions as if you were using the app. We call this the “Webview”.
  • What is Webview?
    • Webview is the ability to view account information or perform certain account transactions that are not built inside the Republic Wireless App.
    • You will access that functionality by first accessing the Republic Wireless App on your phone and then will be automatically transferred into the Webview if applicable.


Republic Wireless Application and Web View Functionality



Members on 4.0 Plans and Lower

Members on 5.0 Plans




Data Usage (Used and Remaining Counters)

Ability to Add extra data

Update Spam Blocking Settings

Available in Phone Settings

Turn Voicemail PIN On/Off

Available in Phone Settings

Update Voicemail Password

Available in Phone Settings

Configure Voicemail Greeting

Available in Phone Settings

Forward Voicemails to another number

Available in Phone Settings

Disable Voicemail forwarding

Available in Phone Settings

Change PTN


Available in Phone Settings

Change Plan

Port In Number/ transfer number in

View Info Needed to Port Out

Assign a User to this Phone

Remove an Assigned User

View Calls and Messages

Manage e911 Locations

Cancel Service

Extend My Phone - Associate the phone number with a home phone

View Phone Number

View Plan

View Next Bill Date

View Orders, Payment, and Returns

Update Account Name

Update Account Email Address

Update the Contact Phone Number

Update RW App Log In Password

Update Account PIN

Update Credit Card

View Credit card Info (Last 4 of card, Type, Exp Date)

Update Privacy Settings

Upgrade Phone

Add a Line

Open a Help Ticket

Turn Cellular data On/Off

Available in Phone Settings

Available in Phone Settings

Available in Phone Settings

Manage Mobile Hotspot

Available in Phone Settings

Manage WiFi Reminders

Manage Notifications

Manage Handover Settings

Run Diagnostics Test

Data Freeze

Reset Republic Connection

Allow SMS messages from email

Reset degraded service checks

About Device and legal information

Annual plan - renewal

Not Applicable

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