How to Open a Help Ticket


Open a new Help ticket with Republic Wireless


  • Republic Wireless Account
  • Help Ticket Tool


Open a Help ticket through your Online Account Portal:

  • Click this link
    • If prompted, sign in to your Republic Wireless account
    • The Help Ticket Tool will guide you through the process of creating a ticket for your issue

Open a help ticket through the Republic Wireless App:

Open a help ticket by emailing support:

  • Email from the email associated with your Republic Wireless account.
    • Please note that when reaching out from non-associated emails, Republic Wireless can only answer or assist with non-account-related questions without verifying the account owner.
    • If you are not the account owner, please have the account owner reach out to Republic Wireless for assistance

Additional Notes

  • Phones or accounts that are not working are prioritized over general questions or account issues.
  • Please open only one ticket at a time for an issue you're experiencing with your phone or service. If we have to merge your multiple tickets, you'll automatically drop to the back of the line.

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