Republic Wireless 4.0 FAQs: Overview

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Are your Republic Wireless phones unlocked?
All of our current 3.0 phones are unlocked. For more information, please see FAQ: Are Republic Wireless Phones Locked or Unlocked?

What coverage will I have?
We aim to provide you with the best coverage possible. To check coverage and to see a list of phones optimized for your specific location, check out our smart coverage checker tool.

For more information, see Republic Wireless Coverage.

Does my data rollover?
If you have any unused data left at the end of your bill cycle, it won't roll over to the next month.

What are your current plans?
We currently have several different options to fit your needs. This is called our My Choice plan. To see detailed information about each of our options, see our plans page.

Can I roam?
Our current My Choice plans and our older 1.0 plans include voice roaming, but not data roaming. Voice roaming includes calling, texting, and picture messaging.

If you’re currently on one of our older Republic Refund™ plans, both voice and data roaming are available. 

Can I use the new plans (My Choice) on my old 1.0/2.0 phone?

Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 plans rely on our unique ROM build. In order to offer our members a wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a BYOP(Bring Your Own Phone) experience, Republic Wireless 3.0 uses an all-new architecture that moves us out of the ROM. Republic Wireless 3.0 phones aren't compatible with our 1.0 and 2.0 plans and vice versa

Additional Notes

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