Republic Wireless 3.0 App


This document provides information regarding the Republic Wireless app. Here you'll find explanations for each screen and how to change your settings to best suit your own individual needs.

To access the Republic Wireless app, open your Apps drawer, then tap Republic to open.


Your Phone Info Tab


The Your Phone Info tab displays useful phone and plan info all in one place.

The Plus.pngQuick Links menu links out to helpful app features. Tap the icon to open the menu.

Cell Data Usage Tab



The Cell Data Usage section allows you to view info about your data usage over cellular and adjust related settings.

From the first screen, you'll be able to see how much cell data you have left in your bill cycle (top section), the total amount of cell data you have in your bill cycle, your bill cycle date range, and how many days left in your bill cycle.

Tap on the bottom bar to view a graph of your cell data usage and how much cell data each app has used.

The bar graph shows your daily cell data usage for your current billing period, including:

  • Your billing cycle date range (tap to select a different billing cycle/date range to display, or tap and drag the date banners on the chart to adjust the dates displayed)
  • Total cellular data usage for the selected date range
  • Cellular data usage for each day in the selected date range

The apps list at the bottom of the screen displays a breakdown by app of your cellular usage during the selected date range.

  • Apps can be sorted by High-Low usage or Alphabetical
  • If you tap on an app, you can see how much cell data that app used in the bar graph above. The amount of cell data used by that app each day will show in orange.

Republic Help


Need help with your Republic Wireless phone or service?

  • Tap Manage Account to be taken to your Account Portal.
  • Tap Search for answers to go to the Republic Wireless Community and browse our Help Center, ask questions, join discussions, or make suggestions for how to improve Republic.
  • Tap Open a help ticket to get assistance directly from the Republic Help team.



The Settings section allows you to change your phone and service settings, and learn more about your phone.


Manage Account

  • Tap Manage Account to be taken to your Account Portal. 

Cell Data Settings

Cell data settings allows you to enable or disable settings for data usage over cellular.

  • Cell data - To enable or disable data usage over cellular (including roaming), check or un-check the box.
  • Mobile Hotspot - To turn your phone into a mobile hotspot, tap Mobile Hotspot. You'll be taken to Settings where you can enable it. Please see Tethering for requirements.

Voicemail Settings

    • Use voicemail password - Check the box to set a password to access your voicemail from a different phone. (When you access your voicemail, you'll be prompted for your password after the greeting plays.)
      • Passwords must be non-sequential and cannot repeat the same number (i.e. cannot be 1234, 1111, etc.).
      • To reset your password, uncheck the box. To set a new password, re-check the box and enter your new password.
  • Voicemail greeting
    • Tap to set the greeting that plays when someone reaches your voicemail. You can use the default recording or record your name or a custom greeting. See Voicemail for instructions.
  • Voicemail forwarding - Tap to set up.

Advanced Settings 

  • Notifications 
      • Always show the Republic notification
      • Show incompatible messenger
      • Show cellular data disabled
      • Show roaming disabled 
  • Manage Handover 
      • Allow manual handover
      • Enable handover on networks
      • Handover to WiFi when appropriate
  • Other
    • Allow SMS message from Email

Privacy and Feedback

  • Provide call quality feedback
    • Enable to help provide feedback about your Republic calls. 


  • Phone Info
  • Legal Info
    • Link to our Legal page for information concerning your service.

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