Updating Your Payment Information

You can update or change your payment information in the Account Settings section of My Account.

Update Payment Information

How to update/change my payment method

  1. Log into the My Account section of your Republic Wireless by DISH account
  2. Open the Payment Method section by selecting Account Settings >> Payment Method
  3. Select the Edit button
  4. Enter your new payment information 
  5. Select Update

Additional Notes

  • Only account owners can update the payment information on an account
  • When entering your credit card information, re-type everything (name, address, payment information). Do not use the auto-fill feature. 
  • If updating your billing address, you'll need to re-enter your credit card information as well
  • You can only have one form of payment for all service lines on the account. If you want a separate payment method, you will need a separate account for your service line.