How to Update Your Payment Information


  • Update your payment/credit card information and/or billing address.



Update Payment Information on a Computer

  1. Log in into your account
  2. Click the Account_Settings.png Account Settings icon in the gray bar on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Click Payment
  4. Click the Edit.png Pencil icon next to the Payment section
  5. Enter your new payment information
  6. Click Update.

Update Payment Information in the Republic Wireless App

  1. Tap Republic_Icon__New_.png Republic from the app drawer
  2. Tap the Settings.png Settings icon
  3. Tap Manage account
  4. If prompted, tap Log in
  5. Tap the Account_Settings.png Account Settings icon
  6. Tap the Edit.png Pencil icon next to the Payment section
  7. Enter your new payment information
  8. Tap Update

Additional Notes

  • Only account owners can update the payment information on an account
  • When entering your credit card information, be sure to re-type everything (name, address, payment information). Do not use the auto-fill feature. 
  • If updating your billing address, you'll need to re-enter your credit card information as well
  • You can only have one form of payment for all service lines on the account. If you would like to have a separate payment, you will need a separate account for your service line.

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