How to Use the Online Store


This document is intended to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to order from our online store. Please review the information below prior to placing your order.

Important: Before You Begin

At Republic, we have a specific mission in mind: to make enjoying the features of a smartphone more affordable and accessible for everyone. Before you begin the purchasing process, there are a few things that are important to know and check out upfront.


Check out the links below to learn about Republic and if we're the right fit for you:

  • Why Republic - Learn about Republic and determine if we're the right fit for you.
  • Number Check - If you have a phone number you'd like to keep and transfer to Republic, check to see if we can transfer it.
  • Coverage Check - Check to see if we have cell coverage in your area.
  • Republic FAQs- Read our most frequently asked questions.


You will be able to choose your plan during the activation process once you have your phone in hand. Check out our current plan offerings for new service lines on our Plans page.

If you're upgrading or replacing an existing service line and you're on Republic Wireless 1.0 Plans, you may keep that plan when you move to an eligible phone (Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), or Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.)). Just make sure that you sign into your account and select the phone you're moving from when activating your new phone. 



Check out what phones we're currently offering here. However, keep in mind that you can also purchase any eligible Republic Wireless phone from a third party and activate it on our service. For a comparison of all eligible Republic Wireless phones, please go here.

Phone Number

We know how important it is to know what your phone number is going to be or how to keep your existing number and transfer it to Republic. Please review below to learn about all of your options.

  • If you're ordering for the first time from Republic
    You'll be assigned a new number based on your billing address zip code. You'll be able to see what your phone number is in the My Account portal and the Republic Wireless application once your phone has been activated. You can purchase up to four phones/service lines per order (with a maximum of 6 services lines allowed per account.)
  • If you're transferring your number from your current provider
    You can request to do that after you've received and activated your phone. See Number Transfers for instructions and further details.
  • If you're upgrading or replacing your existing phone
    You must select the telephone number that needs to be assigned to the phone during activation. Members with existing accounts can add up to four phones/service lines per order (with a maximum of 6 services lines allowed per account). Please make sure to use the email address associated with your current Republic account when upgrading/replacing your existing phone or ordering additional lines.


When paying for your order, you will have two options. You can pay everything upfront with a valid credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover), or you can choose to finance your order through Affirm.

For more info about both of these options, please visit the links below:


Check out our Shipping page for more info on shipping methods, estimated shipping times, and how to track your order.

Ordering Tutorial

Detail Images

(click to enlarge)

  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


Go to


At the top right of the screen, click  Image_4-18-19_at_10.16_AM.jpg



Click Phones.



Review Phones

On the Phones page, click a phone image or Shop Now below the phone you're interested in purchasing.

Image_4-18-19_at_9.57_AM.jpg 4.

Add a Phone to Your Cart

Review Phone Details

Review the phone's description and tech specs

Configure Your Phone

Choose the phone color and storage capacity.

Tip: If you're interested in financing, you'll be able to select that option at checkout. You can also review our Financing page for more details.


Click  Image_4-18-19_at_10.12_AM.jpg  once all selections have been made.

Tip: To view or add accessories, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Image_4-18-19_at_9.59_AM.jpg 5.

Review Your Shopping Cart

Once you've added your phone into your cart, a window will drop down from the shopping cart icon.

Review Selections

Review the color and storage capacity selections that you made on the previous screen. If you didn't make your selections yet, please do so now.


Add Accessories

Click Continue Shopping to shop for more products including accessories.

Tip: To get back to cart at any time, click the shopping cart Image_4-18-19_at_11.12_AM.jpg icon.


Review Subtotals

At the bottom of your shopping cart, you'll see an overview of your cart total. Note that the amounts at this time don't include taxes or shipping costs.

Once you're ready to continue with your order, click  Image_4-18-19_at_10.13_AM.jpg.

Image_4-18-19_at_10.04_AM.jpg 6.

Account Information

Creating a New Account

If you're creating a new account, type in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, and Contact Phone Number, then click Next.

Returning Members

If you already have an account with Republic, click Returning_Customers_Icon.png and sign in with the account owner's email address and password. 

Once you've signed in, your Account Information, Billing Address, and Shipping Address will auto-populate to what we currently have on file for you. If you need to change any of the information, click the Edit Edit_Icon__1_.png icon next to the section you'd like to change. Otherwise, you can go to the Delivery Options step.

Step_8_Billing_Address.png 7.

Enter Your Billing Address

Type in your valid U.S. Billing Address and click Next.



Enter Your Shipping Address

Type in your Shipping Address, or you can check the box next to Use billing address for shipping to auto-populate your billing address.

Click Next.

Tip: You can verify your shipping address on the USPS address checker We're unable to ship to addresses that are not valid continental U.S. addresses and/or do not validate. We're also unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. For more info on shipping, see Shipping.

Step_10_Delivery_Options.png 9.

Select a Delivery Option

Select a Delivery Option and click Next.

Tip: For more info on shipping methods and estimated shipping times, please see Shipping.


Not Financing





Select Your Payment Option

Tip: If you're a returning member, this information will auto-populate with the payment information we have on file for you. Click the Edit Edit_Icon.png icon if you'd like to change that information or finance your order. Otherwise, you can go to the next step.

Not Financing

If you don't want to finance your order, make sure the box next to I want to finance my hardware and shipping is unchecked.

  • Totals
    Your totals are listed below your credit or debit card info. These totals now include taxes.
    • Today's Total
      Includes any accessories, phones, and shipping costs and will be charged once you submit your order.

Once you've reviewed your totals, type in the Cardholder Name, Credit Card Number, Expiration Month, Expiration Year, and CVC Code and click Next.


If you do want to finance your order, make sure the box next to I want to finance my hardware and shipping is checked.

Monthly Financed Amount

This amount is a potential monthly payment you could have with Affirm if you qualify for financing with Affirm.

If you'd like to apply for financing with Affirm, click  Apply_for_Financing_Icon.png. You'll be taken to Affirm's website, where you'll apply for financing. Once you've applied, you'll be automatically redirected to Republic's checkout page, regardless if you were accepted or not to complete your order.

For more info about Affirm's financing options, please visit our FAQs If you require assistance from Affirm, please contact them at

Tip: If you have a redemption code, click Enter redemption code at the top of this step to type it in. See Special Offers and Promotions for more info.





Terms and Conditions


Review both the Republic Wireless Terms and Conditions and 911 and E911 Service Limitations.


Check the boxes next to each and click Next.

Not FinancingStep_12a_Review_and_Submit_Order.png




Review and Submit Order

Review your order details. You can edit any of your information by scrolling up and clicking the Edit Edit_Icon__2_.png icon next to the section you'd like change. You can also change what's in your shopping cart by scrolling up and clicking on Edit_Cart_Icon.png.

Your total at the bottom will look different depending on if you chose to finance your order with Affirm or not.

Not Financing

  • Total
    Your total is listed below your order details and include taxes.
    • Today's Total
      Includes any accessories, phones, and shipping costs and will be charged once you submit your order.


  • Total
    Your total is listed below your order details and include taxes.

    • Financed Total
      Includes the total amount of any accessories, phones, and shipping costs that you financed with Affirm. Once you place your order, you will be responsible to pay Affirm for your agreed upon terms.

If you require assistance from Affirm or have questions about your terms agreement, please contact them at

Once you've reviewed all of your order details, click  Place_My_Order_Icon.png.

Step_13_Order_Confirmation.png 13.

Order Confirmation

Your order details will be displayed on the order confirmation page. You'll also receive the same details in a confirmation email.

Next, you'll receive an email once your order ships, which will also include your tracking number.

If you financed with Affirm, you'll receive a separate email from them about your terms agreement.


Initial fix: steps to try

  • Check the status of the Republic online store and other services.
    If you're experiencing issues completing your purchase, our online store or other services may be undergoing maintenance or an outage. Visit our status page to learn more.

  • Use your browser's privacy mode.
    Using privacy mode (or "incognito mode") opens a browser window that ignores your apps, cached data, and cookies. Try using your browser in privacy mode if you're experiencing loading or other browser issues.

    Note: Our online store is not compatible with Safari's Private Browsing mode.

Privacy mode

(click to learn more)

Google Chrome Incognito mode
Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing
Mozilla Firefox
Private Browsing
Opera Private browsing
  • Check your shipping address
    If you're experiencing issues with an incorrect shipping address, verify your shipping address on the USPS address checker to make sure we're able to ship to you. We are unable to ship to addresses that are not valid continental U.S. addresses and/or do not validate. We are also unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.
  • Enter the correct billing info
    Enter your credit card number without spaces or dashes. (If your credit card fails or is denied, your order will be automatically canceled and you'll need to place a new order.)

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