Make and Receive a Phone Call (KitKat 4.4.4)

 No longer supported

The phone(s) described in this article can no longer be activated with Republic. Please see Republic Wireless Phones for information on currently supported phones.


This document provides information regarding making and receiving phone calls, voicemail forwarding, 3-way calling, caller ID, and troubleshooting calls.

phone-icons-E.png This document is intended for Moto E (1st Gen.) users.

Note: If your device is currently running on Lollipop 5.1, you'll find the instructions for making and receiving phone calls here: Make and Receive a Phone Call

Make a Phone Call

  1. To access the dialer, tap the blue phone icon.
  2. Enter a number and tap the blue phone icon to call it, or swipe left to access your recent calls and favorites.

Answer a Phone Call

  • Answer a call by dragging the black phone icon right to change it to the blue phone icon.
  • Ignore a call by dragging the black phone icon left to change it to the red phone icon.
  • To silence an incoming call alert, press the POWER or VOLUME buttons on the side of the phone.
  • Send a text message to the caller by dragging the black phone icon up to the Messaging icon during an incoming call. Select a message to immediately send it.

Call/Voicemail Forwarding

Call/voicemail forwarding will transfer any call ignored or not answered on one phone to another phone, where it can be answered or allowed to go to voicemail.

This is different from traditional call forwarding, where all calls to one phone are immediately forwarded to the second phone without ringing on the first phone.

Note: Forwarding from one Republic phone to another Republic phone is currently not supported.

See Voicemail for instructions on how to set up forwarding.

Caller ID

Change Your Caller ID

To change your caller ID name, you'll need to submit a help ticket to Republic Help.

  • Please keep in mind that you can only choose from the following options as your caller ID name:
    • First Name Last Name (John Smith)
    • First Initial Last Name (J. Smith)
    • Last Name, First Name (Smith, John)
    • Last Name, First Initial (Smith, J)
  • You can only change your caller ID name twice.

Caller ID Blocking

Known as *67, outbound caller ID block is now available.

To activate the ability to use *67, please enter *#*#VOIP#*#* (How to VOIP Your Phone) on your dialer while connected to WiFi. Once complete, you will be able to use *67.

Note: You will need to dial *67 before each call you want to block.

3-Way Calling

Note: 3-Way calling works over both cell and WiFi, but call quality is diminished when using WiFi. WiFi to cell handover will result in the third party being dropped when handover takes place.

  1. Dial your first number.
  2. Press the Add a call icon (at the bottom right corner of the dialer).
  3. Dial your second number.
  4. Press the Merge calls icon (just above the red end call button).

Other Calling Options

  • To mute the ringer on a call, tap Mute.
  • To put a call on speakerphone, tap Speakerphone.
  • To use a Bluetooth device, tap Bluetooth. (The device must be turned on and already paired with your phone.)
  • If you leave the call screen by pressing Home or Back at the bottom of the screen, you can return by going to the home screen and tapping the blue phone icon.


Initial Fixes

Here are some simple things to check:

  • Republic App
    Make sure your Republic Wireless app is up to date on your phone. See Republic Wireless App for info on how to check for the latest version.
  • Dialing

    • Make Sure You're Using 10 digits for the Phone Number:
      We don’t support 7 digit dialing.
  • Third Party Call Recording Apps

If you have a call recording app installed, you may be unable to make outbound calls via WiFi. Uninstall any third party call recording apps and retry your call.

  • Verify Data
    Our service uses cellular data connections when making calls, SMS and MMS. Make sure the following settings are as follows:
    • Mobile Data
      Mobile Data should be set to “on” in order to have reliable cellular calling, even on the Cell Talk & Text ($10) plan. Go to Settings → Data usage → toggle Mobile Data to ON.

    • Roaming Data
      If you're roaming, you'll need roaming data turned on for calling and messaging. On the Data Usage screen, tap Menu and make sure Data roaming is checked.

    • Background Data
      Do not restrict background data. It is needed and will cause issues if restricted. To check this setting,  tap Menu Google menu imageon the Data Usage screen and make sure Restrict background data is unchecked.

    • WiFi Calling
      Make sure you can make calls on WiFi. If both WiFi and Cell calling have issues, this may point to an activation issue.

If the Republic Wireless App is Crashing

If you experience any of the following issues, see the Troubleshooting section of the Republic Wireless App doc:

  • "Republic Wireless has stopped" Error Message
    This notification window may appear while calling, texting, or using the Republic app. Your phone should restart the app if it crashes, but sometimes it may continue to not to function correctly.

  • App-related or WiFi Service Issues
    The Republic Wireless app, along with customization of the Android operating system, are the main components that make our service work on the phone. If the app is having issues and crashing, calling, texting, visual voicemail, or other app-related features may not work.

  • Cellular Service Issues
    • When calling or texting a contact, the call or text does not go through and immediately calls or texts you back from yourself.

If Your Phone is Still Not Able to Make or Receive Calls on Cell

  1. Restart
    Restart your phone by turning it off and then back on again.

  2. Reset Republic Credentials
    (Note: Your phone must be connected to WiFi to complete this step.)
      1. Open the dialer, then dial *#*#8647#*#*
      2. The dialer will clear, and the Republic arc notification icon will reappear after about a minute. (If the arc notification icon does not reappear, restart your phone. The arc should then appear after your phone restarts.)

  3. Update the PRL (Preferred Roaming List)
    Perform a PRL update by following the instructions here: Update the PRL

  4. Wipe Sprint Settings
    When the PRL update is complete, open the dialer and dial ##72786#. (If prompted, tap Yes to confirm resetting to factory defaults.) Your phone may restart.
    Note: Once this step is complete you must complete step 5 or your phone will not work while on cellular.

  5. Update the Profile
    This will restore or refresh your phone's Sprint settings; go to Settings > System Update > Update Profile.
    Note: You'll need to be on WiFi to update the Profile.

  6. Restart Again
    The phone should automatically restart after a few seconds. If it doesn’t, then manually restart your phone.

If Your Phone is Still Not Able to Make or Receive Calls on WiFi

1. Check to see if the Republic arc in the notification bar is solid.

2. Check to see if the Republic notification lists WiFi calls.

a. If you're on a public WiFi hotspot, check to make sure you've accepted any terms and conditions.

b. If you're on a work or personal WiFi network, check your network and router's WiFi settings (if you're on a work network, contact your IT department for help.)

3. Go to your phone dialer and dial *#*#8647#*#* to reset Republic credentials on your phone for voice and texting.

Note: You'll need to be on WiFi to complete this step.

When Should You Open a Ticket?

  • If callers are getting a busy signal when calling you.
  • If all settings and troubleshooting steps were taken and you’re still unable to make and/or receive calls on cell.
  • If the Profile Update and/or PRL fails.

Please see Getting Help from Republic for instructions on how to open a Help ticket.

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