Installing Your SIM Card


This article provides information regarding the handling and installation of a SIM card into your Republic Wireless phone.

Understanding the Different Sizes of SIM Cards

Different phones use different sizes of SIM cards. The Republic Wireless SIM cards have been designed to provide you with the correct size, regardless of what phone you have. All you have to do is pop-out the correct size for your particular phone. No adapters are needed!



Pop-out the Correct Size SIM Card for Your Phone

  1. Identify what size SIM card you need
    • Nano
    • Micro
    • Standard (Mini)
  2. Pop-out the correct size for your phone by firmly pressing around the edges that outline the size you need.



General SIM Card Handling Tips

  • Before removing your SIM card, be sure to power off your phone.
  • The SIM card tray in each phone is fragile. If you don’t re-insert the SIM card correctly, it can cause issues with the phone, including breaking the tray itself.
  • Be sure to take care when handling the SIM card. You may find it best to follow these steps over a table or counter so that if you drop the card, it isn't lost.


Installing Your SIM Card

Republic 3.0 Phones Republic 1.0 and 2.0 Phones
  • Moto E (2nd Gen.)
  • Moto G (3rd Gen.)
  • Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.)
    Note: As of 9/29/21 Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 phones are no longer supported for activation
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Republic 3.0 Phones: The following info refers to Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones only.


The instructions below will help you with inserting your SIM card if you:

  • Are bringing your own phone and have purchased a SIM card kit from Republic Wireless.
  • You purchased a phone directly from Republic Wireless and the SIM card was not pre-installed.

Your SIM card kit and/or your phone should have come with a SIM card removal tool. However, you may not need this tool for your particular phone. Refer to the instructions below for your particular phone and whether or not the SIM card tool is needed.

Select your phone from the list below for more info:

Republic 1.0 and 2.0 Phones: The following info refers to the Moto E (2nd Gen.), Moto G (3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.) phones only.


Note: As of 9/29/21 Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 phones are no longer supported for activation.

Removing or Re-Inserting the SIM Card for 1.0 and 2.0 Phones

The manual in the box from Motorola says that the phone “may have a 4G SIM Card installed”. Rest assured, there is a 4G SIM card pre-loaded in each phone delivered by Republic Wireless. There is no need to remove it unless asked to do so by a Republic Help representative.

  • Your SIM card can't be used in a different phone, nor can a different SIM card be used in your phone.
  • If you're switching to a different Republic 1.0 or 2.0 phone, you don't need to switch or replace the SIM cards.
  • Your SIM card is only used for access to Sprint’s 4G LTE and can’t be used to store contacts or any other data.

Locking the SIM Card for 1.0 and 2.0 Phones

Your phone comes with a pre-set PIN (1234) for the SIM card. If you put in any other PIN - aka Personal Unlock Code (PUC) or PIN Unlocked Key (PUK) - 3 times, you'll be locked out of your phone. If you're locked out, you'll need to open a ticket with Republic Help. Your phone will function fine without a SIM card, but won't have access to 4G LTE services on Sprint.

A SIM card lock is not a screen lock; it presents itself when the phone restarts or if you try to take the SIM card to a different phone (which won't work anyway). It’s perfectly OK to lock the SIM card, just make sure you use the correct PIN.

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