How to Find Your Bill Cycle Date

 Heads up!

With the recent 5.0 plan release, some of the information in this article might be outdated and inaccurate. We are working on this as quickly as we can

Your bill cycle date is determined by the date on which your phone is first activated. You can look up your bill cycle date in your Account portal or in the Republic Wireless app.

In Your Account Portal

  1. Sign into your Account.
  2. Under Next Bill Date, you'll see your bill cycle date.

In the Republic Wireless App

  1. Tap Republic from the app drawer.
  2. On the YOUR PHONE INFO screen, the date shown under your phone number is your bill cycle date. If you don't see the YOUR PHONE INFO screen, swipe left once. 

On your Bill Cycle Date, you will also receive an itemized bill statement that is broken down into two sections. The first outlines your bill including your recurring plans, taxes, and total payment. The second outlines your cell and data usage for each service line. Following the delivery of this bill statement, a payment will be automatically attempted on your account.

If service is canceled on your bill cycle date, then a refund for monthly service or unused service will not be applied.  

If you receive an email from Republic Wireless stating that your credit card was declined, we ask that you please update your payment information.

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