How to Enter a Promo Code

Promo codes are available from time to time as part of special promotions that we run. If promo codes are available, they'll be listed in our Special Offers and Promotions document. When available, these codes can be entered during the payment options step of the checkout process. Follow the instructions below to enter your code.

  1. Once you've selected the items that you'd like to purchase, proceed to checkout.
  2. During checkout, step 5 is the Payment Options section.

    Note: If you’re a returning member, this information will auto-populate with the payment information we have on file for you. To enter a code, or to change this information, click the Edit_Icon.png edit icon. If you're a new member, skip to step 3.

  3. Click Enter promo code.
  4. Type the code that you'd like to use and hit Enter.
  5. Continue through the rest of the checkout process.

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