New Member Start-Up Guide for DEFY XT



This document is intended for DEFY XT users


Welcome to Republic! We're excited to have you here. Listed below is a step-by-step guide to help get you started with Republic with your DEFY XT.

First, let's make sure you know what to do to get your phone set up.

  1. Assemble. Remove the plastic clings, put in the battery and snap on the back cover. Charge your phone.

  2. Activate! Turn on your new phone. The activation process begins automatically and will take about 5 minutes. (You must be in a Sprint home area to activate your phone. If you're roaming, you won't be able to activate the phone properly.) For step-by-step activation instructions, please click here.

Now, let's cover a few basics of Hybrid Calling.

  1. Go green. Take a look at the Republic arc in the top left corner of your phone. If it's gray, you'll need to add your first WiFi hotspot. Swipe downward from the gray Republic arc in the top left corner to view your notifications. Select "WiFi calling disabled - click to configure" to open the WiFi Wizard. The WiFi Wizard will walk you through the steps to connect to your first hotspot. Once you're connected, the arc in the top left corner will go green.

  2. Place a call on WiFi. While you're connected to a network (and the arc is green), place a test call on your phone. Voila! You're using Hybrid Calling. (Keep in mind if you go out of range of the network while you're on a call, the call will drop and you'll be reconnected via cellular.)

  3. Grow your own network. Each time you go somewhere new, keep adding hotspots. Check out WiFi for Motorola DEFY XT for a few tips. Each time you add a hotspot, your phone will remember it and you'll connect automatically the next time you're in range. (Note, if a hotspot requires confirmation of any Terms and Conditions, you'll need to agree to the T&Cs each time before you'll connect.)

  4. Keep learning! Whether you're new to smartphones or a master pro, check out our Motorola DEFY XT Overview for some info on how to use your new DEFY XT. Also, don't forget that you can find the nitty gritty about the phone right here in community.

Now, let's double check to make sure you know where to find the basics.

Check out the My Account portal. If you haven't signed in, you'll be prompted to do it. After signing in, take a minute to familiarize yourself with where to find some things:

    • Navigate to My Account > Orders to view info on order history, status and tracking.
    • Navigate to My Account > My Phones to view info on your phone(s) and perform certain functions like transferring a number, upgrading, or activating a phone.
    • Navigate to My Account > Account Settings to edit your email address, password, location or payment method.
    • Navigate to Bills & Payments to view your current or past statements.
    • A few other options are coming soon in My Usage including Call History and Usage Details.
    • We also offer a handy FAQ on the My Account portal to help get you started.

Check out our Community. You're here already, but there's so much to see and do! Here's a quick tutorial we prepared on Community just for you.

Need help? Just ask us!

We don't have a 1-800 number and you can't call us, but we'd love to hear from you and there are a lot of ways to reach us. Check out Getting Help from Republic for more info, or visit the Republic Help page to contact us directly.

We rely on feedback from members like you. Our Community is a great place to share your feedback. Stop in and introduce yourself at!

Having trouble finding the answer you’re looking for? Ask an Expert Member.
(Our Experts are not staff, but their knowledge of our service and phones is outstanding!)