Motorola Migrate (Lollipop)

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This document is intended for Moto E (2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.) users

Motorola Migrate allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, volume and screen brightness settings, call and text history from your old Android smartphone to your new smartphone. You can also migrate contacts and Calendar events from your iPhone or contacts from your non-smartphone to your new Motorola phone.

If your device is currently running on KitKat, you can find the instructions for Motorola Migrate here: Motorola Migrate (KitKat)

Transfer from an Android phone

 Keep in mind:

  • Migrate can only transfer media from devices with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above, to Motorola phones running Android 4.2 and above.
  • Motorola Migrate will take about 10 minutes to transfer 2GB of data.

  • SIM contacts:
    • For Migrate version 1.3 or higher
      Your SIM contacts will be automatically imported.
    • For Migrate versions below 1.3
      You'll need to import SIM contacts to your contact list after migrating them over. To import SIM contacts, open the People app, then tap Menu > Import/Export > Import from SIM card, then select the desired account.
  • If there is insufficient memory on your new phone:
    • For Migrate version 1.3 or higher
      You'll have the option to choose fewer items to Migrate once you pair your phones.
    • For Migrate version below 1.3
      Items will transfer in the order of importance.

  • If you receive a warning symbol Image, try running Migrate again to resolve.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


Open Migrate app on your new phone.



Tap Send data TO this device.



Tap Select your phone type and choose Android.


Tap Next.

5.png 5. On the Restore my stuff screen, check the boxes next to the media type you'd like to move to your new phone, then tap Next.
6.png 6.

On your old phone, download Motorola Migrate from the Google Play Store. Open and press Start.

Once this is complete, tap Next on your new phone.

7.png 7. Opening Migrate on your old phone will bring up the QR scanner. Use the scanner to scan the QR code shown on your new phone.


Your phones will automatically pair and connect.


Note: Keep your phones within 10 feet of each other during migration to maintain the connection.

Transfer from another type of phone (non-smartphone)

 Keep in mind:

  • Only contacts can be transferred from non-smartphones.
  • For more info about which phones are compatible with Migrate and setting up Bluetooth for certain phone models, visit Motorola's support website.

  • If your old phone doesn't have Bluetooth, you may be able to transfer contacts via computer or SD card. Visit Motorola's support website for more info.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


Open Migrate app on your new phone.



Tap Send data TO this device.



Tap Select your phone type and choose Other old phone type.



Tap Next.


Choose the Google account where you'd like to transfer your contacts, then tap Next.

13.png 6. Select the brand of your old phone, then tap Next.
14.png 7.

Select Yes if your old phone supports Bluetooth.

Tap Next.

15.png 8.

On your old phone, turn on Bluetooth.

Once you've turned on Bluetooth on your old phone, tap Next on your new phone.

16.png 9.

Follow the instructions to turn on visibility for your old phone (this allows your new phone to find and pair with your old phone).

Once you've made your old phone visible to your new phone, scroll to the bottom of the screen on your new phone and tap Next.

17.png 10. Pair your phones, then tap Start on your new phone to begin transferring your contacts.

You will see a prompt asking you to confirm matching codes on both phones. (Depending on your old phone's configuration, you may have to enter a passcode on it as well.)


 Your new phone will show when it is pairing & receiving the contacts.

A You're Done! screen will confirm that your contacts transfer is complete.

Note: If your transfer is unsuccessful, you may need to use a different method to transfer your contacts. Visit Motorola's support website for more info.



Transfer Contacts from an iPhone

 To transfer contacts from an iPhone, please follow the instructions here.

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