Short Codes


This document provides information regarding short codes. Short codes are a 5-digit to 6-digit form of messaging. There are many different uses for short codes, such as identify verification when you sign up for a service, receiving coupons or other promotions from retailers, or providing school info and updates to parents.

Unlike standard text messaging service (what you use to talk to your friends and family), short codes are generated by applications instead of live people.

How To Use Short Codes

How To Use Short Codes 

To send a message to a short code, simply enter the 5-digit to 6-digit code (for example, "12345") as the message recipient in the To bar of a message. You can also reply to a message sent from a short code like you would to a regular text message. See SMS (Text Messaging) for more info.

If you need help with a specific short code, try sending HELP or INFO to that short code to receive more info about that short code. 

For some examples of how short codes work, check out our blog, Short Codes are live!





Sending and receiving short codes

If you're having problems sending/receiving short codes, there are several reasons they might not be working: 

  • Republic app needs to be updated
    If you're using a Moto X, Moto G, or Moto E, make sure the Republic app is up to date. See Republic Wireless App for more info on checking your app version and updating. 
  • Short code or message entered incorrectly
    Ensure that you entered the correct short code in the To: field of your message and that you sent the correct info in the message itself. Some short codes require you to send a certain word or phrase. 
  • Campaign may be over
    Some short codes are used to run a campaign for a certain timeframe. If the campaign is over, you may not be able to send or receive messages to or from the short code.

  • Campaign incurs an expense
    Some short code campaigns bill users through their mobile phone provider for donations or purchases. These short codes won't work with your Republic Wireless service.
  • Short code not compatible with Republic
    Not all short codes operate equally. In order for short codes to work successfully, each service provider has a number assigned to them which acts as their identity when sending/receiving short codes. Many short code providers only allow messages to go through if they have that provider's identifying number (a.k.a. whitelisting). If you're having problems sending/receiving a short code and you've checked all of the above, this may be the reason why it's not working.

    We're constantly working with short code providers to get our number identifier added to their list, but it will take some time as there are a lot of short code providers out there. 
  • MMS not supported
    Sending pictures to a short code is not supported and will not be sent. 

Stop receiving short codes

To stop receiving short codes, simply send STOP to that short code. 

If you have questions about short codes, you can ask other Republic members in our Community. Community-sourced list of short codes that work with Republic can be found here.

You can also contact Republic Help. Check out Getting Help from Republic for more info.

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