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The phone(s) described in this article can no longer be activated with Republic. Please see Republic Wireless Phones for information on currently supported phones.

This document is intended for Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.) users

In our constant effort to make the Republic Wireless service as intuitive and informative as possible and as part of the new Lollipop update, we’ve revamped our notification system for both Lollipop and KitKat enabled phones to help put more control over your service in your hands.

Connection Alerts

As a WiFi first company (Republic Wireless: Data Refunds) we know how important it is to know what you’re connected to and when. This helps you figure out where (and when) your device needs to access cellular or roaming data and how to adjust your usage accordingly. If you have any questions about data usage and the like, check out our Data Usage Policy or our Terms of Service.

How Can I Tell I'm Using Data?

Sometimes apps push you into using data when you don't realize it or maybe you received a message with an attachment (MMS (Picture/Video Messaging)) when you're not connected to WiFi. Lots of things can impact your data usage so we try and make sure you're in control and have all the tools you'll need to keep your device's data usage in check.

Below, you'll find the notifications you receive when you're on a cell network and what to do when you receive them.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


If your device can't connect to WiFi, you will see this notification when your phone is locked alerting you that you're currently connected to the cellular network.



If your phone is unlocked, you'll see this push notification alerting you that you're currently on a cellular network.



Tapping the push notification will take you to your cellular data settings where you can turn off certain apps for using data or turn on Data Saver Mode until you get a chance to connect to WiFI.


How Can I Tell If I'm Roaming?

  • When your device cannot connect to WiFi and you're off the Sprint network, you'll receive the notification shown here.
  • Tapping the notification will lead you to your cellular data settings where you have the option to turn off roaming or enable Data Saver Mode.


How Can I Adjust My Connection to Cellular or Roaming Data?

  • Your device defaults to having roaming data turned off. This is to make sure you're not accidentally roaming when driving, riding your bike or flying in areas where there's no cellular coverage with Sprint.
  • When connected to roaming data, you'll see the notification shown here. Roaming data is more expensive than on-network cellular data so if your phone is burning through data at a quicker speed than usual, roaming data being turned on may be your culprit.
  • To turn roaming and/or cellular data off or on, see the instructions in Republic Wireless App. This will enable Data Saver Mode.

How Can I Tell When WiFi is Available?

If you're currently on a cell network and have the ability to connect to WiFi, your device will automatically search for available WiFi networks nearby.

Tapping and swiping down your current status 7.png will bring up the push notification below.

  • If you're on a cell network and your phone recognizes a saved WiFi network nearby or an open WiFi network (such as a coffee shop or a guest WiFi spot) it will let you know so you can verify the network.
  • Tapping Open WiFi Available will bring you to the WiFi settings of your app to complete verification.
  • Alternatively, if you're on cellular data and open an app that uses data, the modal notification will pop up (shown here) to connect to the open WiFi.
  • Tapping View all available networks will show you all the WiFi networks within range.
  • Tapping 10.png More will bring you to authentication for the open network and verification.

Data Usage Notifications

While many of our members rarely have to use a lot of cellular (or roaming) data in their day to day lives, it’s still nice to know you have it available. With our plans which have data purchased, we’ll send you notifications about your usage to let you know where you currently stand with your monthly data usage.

Note: Roaming data is calculated at a higher rate than cellular data due to off-network data being much more expensive than on-net.  With that in mind, roaming data notifications pop up more often to let you know when you’ve entered a roaming area as well as when you’re using roaming data. The total data usage is calculated into the same bucket as cellular data for Republic Refund™ purposes and can be viewed in your app under the Cell Data Page.


Push Notifications

Push notifications are the small icons you receive in the top left of your screen near your connection activity. You can pull down push notifications to see what you need to know by tapping on the top bar and pulling down.

  • You can also view push notifications when your device is locked.
  • When the phone is locked, you can view the push notification by tapping on the notification twice (or entering a passcode if applicable).

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


  • When you've used 50% and 75% of your data, a push notification will pop up in the top of your device next to the device status arc.


  • Swiping the notification down will show you how much data you've used.
  • It can also help to connect you to WiFi by reminding you that there may be open WiFi nearby, may be a good idea to connect!


  • If you can't connect to WiFi, you can tap on the push notification to take you to your cellular data setting management. This will allow you to modify which apps use cellular data and which don't.
  • You can also completely turn off cellular data by sliding the toggle from 14.png On to 15.pngOff.
  • You can also turn on Data Saver Mode.



Modal Notifications

Modal notifications show up on your phone during use and require an action to be taken in order to continue. It sounds annoying but we promise, they’re important and we don't want you to miss them! They’ll only show up when you’re running low on data to let you know if something needs to be done to continue using data (IE- watching a video, playing a game, downloading an app, etc.) in 90, 95 and 100% notifications.

Note: If you purchase more data from a modal notification, your next bucket of data will only receive the 100% modal notification. The modal notifications will then renew on your next bill cycle data and you'll receive all three modal notifications again.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


  • When you're close to running out of data for your bill cycle (or have already used 100% of your data for your current bill cycle) you'll receive the modal notifications shown here prompting an action on your part.
  • If you don't wish to take any action, tap Got It.
  • Tapping Options will list out the actions you can take with your depleted data amount.


  • When you tap Options, the following menu will appear. You can:
    • Enable Data Saver Mode
    • Purchase One Time Data
    • Change Your Plan to include more recurring data and
    • Review what changes can be made by Account Owners versus Users.



Email notifications will be sent to the account user for usage as well as the account owner for the service line.  You’ll have the ability to review your data usage from the emails as well as review instructions on purchasing more data.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


  • While not necessarily a notification on your device, we'll also send emails regarding your data usage to account owners and users.
  • If you have notifications enabled for your device, you'll receive a notification such as the one shown here.


  • The email will include a summary of how much data you've used in your bill cycle date so far as well as a link to your account portal to review your data usage.



In-App Displays

  • When you’re in your app, you’ll see notifications such as the ones detailed in the graph below when you’re using data at a higher-than-usual rate. This could mean you’re either running a data-hungry app or you’re using roaming data.
  • Following the instructions below will show you how quickly you may run out of data based on your usage as well as when your next billing cycle date is to help you decide if you need to buy more data, turn Data Saver Mode on or wait until your next bill cycle date.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


  • When you're using data at a higher rate than normal, you'll receive an in-app notification such as the one shown here to alert you to the unusually high data usage.
  • Tap the exclamation point for more information.


  • You'll then see an estimated timeline of how quickly you'll run out of data for your current bill based on the current usage and the next bill cycle date. You'll also see a list of the app using the high amounts of data to get an idea of which app may be burning through data at an abnormal rate.
  • Tapping Buy More Data will lead you to the one time data purchase portion of your account management.

Data Saver Mode

What is Data Saver Mode?

Data Saver is a handy tool that allows you to blanket turn off all data on your phone (even background data) when you know you’re not going to be using it. This can be handy for commuters who may not have WiFi on their commute home to make sure none of their apps are accidentally using data in the background.

  • Even when your phone is in locked mode, you'll receive notifications when Data Saver Mode is enabled.
  • Tapping the notification will lead you to WiFi management in your app settings where you can disable Data Saver Mode.

One of the benefits of Data Saver Mode is it turns off every app at once, rather than having to individually disable each app's connection to cellular data on your device. If you have specific parameters for which app has access to cellular data normally, Data Saver Mode will not undo those settings, nor will turning it off give all your apps access to cellular data, it will just revert back to your normal settings.

How Can I Turn On Data Saver Mode?

Data Saver Mode can easily be enabled from your Republic Wireless app's settings. Follow the instructions below to enable Data Saver.

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  Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


  • Open the Republic Wireless App and open it to the main screen.
  • Tap the Cell Data tab.


  • Tap the  ThreeDots.png More icon.


  • Tap Cell Data Settings


  • Un-check cellular data.


  • Data Saver Mode is now enabled.
  • You'll see that Roaming Data is now grayed out. All the apps on your phone will now default to not connecting to cellular data (either on-net or roaming) while Data Saver Mode is on.


  • Data Saver Mode will show up in your push notifications during the time it's enabled on your phone.
  • To turn Data Saver Mode off, just go back to Cell Data Settings and check the box back to "on".

Extra Data Purchases

Sometimes you know ahead of time you’re going to use more data than you normally use. Say you’re taking a business trip to an area where you know WiFi is spotty or you know you are going to be in a roaming area. You can buy what you believe you’ll need and be credited what you don’t use with our Republic Refund™ program.  See our Data Usage Policy as well as our Terms of Service for more information.

When to Purchase Data

When you’re all out of data or don’t have any recurring data and you’re off WiFi, you’ll see this notification offering to buy data as a one-time purchase. You can find the instructions for buying more data in our Plans and Service.

  • If your reoccurring plan does not include any cellular data, you'll receive this notification in your Cell Data settings.
  • Tap Change Plan if you feel you'll need cellular data on a reoccurring basis.
  • Tap Buy More Data to make a one time cellular data purchase.
    • Note: Both reoccurring cellular data and one time data purchases are eligible for the Republic Refund™.

When New Data Is Available

When the one-time purchase data is available, you'll receive a push notification to alert you that the data is ready to use.

  • Once the data is available for your plan, you'll receive this push notification.
  • Swiping the notification down will take you to your Cell Data page on your app where you can how much data you have left until your next bill cycle date.



Billing Notifications

Billing notifications let you know when you have an upcoming bill cycle date, pending Republic Refund™ due or if there’s a problem with your billing credit card. Below are the notifications you’ll encounter dealing with Billing changes/updates as well as Republic Refund™ processes.

Pending Bill Cycle Notifications

When you have a bill cycle date coming up, a push notification will be sent to you to let you know when that date will be. This comes in handy if you’re worried about running out of data or if you need to change the credit card you have on file for month-to-month billing. Owners will receive their total amount invoiced and total amount for Republic Refund™. Users will only see the amount of data they did not use for the billing cycle.

Republic Refund™ Notifications

You’ll receive different notifications for your Republic Refund™ based on your data usage for your bill cycle. If you purchased a lot of data in anticipation of using it and ended up not using a lot of it, you’ll be credited to your account the difference! If that difference is more than your next monthly bill cycle, you’ll be refunded the difference to your billing credit card. For more details, see Data Usage PolicyRepublic 2.0 Plans and Your Republic Service for more information.

  • Once you've transitioned over to the Republic Plans 2.0: Republic Refund plans, you'll receive a notification letting you know what your recurring plan is.
  • If you're on the Base Plan plus 1 GB of recurring data, you'll see this notification on your bill cycle date.
  • From then on, you'll receive notifications each billing cycle regarding your charges or Republic Refund™ (if applicable).
  • Here's what you'll see if your Republic Refund™ covered a portion of your recurring plan. Looks like you saved a lot of money, go you!


Other Plan Notifications

Number Change

Did you make a change that doesn't impact your billing or data usage? There's a notification for that too!

  • When you change the number on your device, you'll receive a push notification alerting you to the change.

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