I'm Locked Out of My Phone (Lollipop)


This document is intended for Moto E (2nd Gen.), Moto G (3rd Gen.) and Moto X (2nd Gen.) users

If you forget the Pattern, PIN, or Password on your screen lock, there is not a native way to bypass this lock. However, if you have set up Android Device Manager, you can reset your phone's screen lock via that tool. 

Note: Due to new "Kill Switch" regulation to protect consumers from phone theft, if you have set up your Lollipop-enabled device to have a specific pin-lock, you will not be able to bypass this login without your Google account login credentials. 

To enable Android Device Manager:

  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Select Device Administrators and activate Android Device Manager

To use Android Device Manager to unlock your phone:

  1. Visit Google's Device Manager and ensure the correct device is selected.
  2. Choose Lock.
  3. Type in a new password for your phone, and click Lock.
  4. Your phone will now be locked with the new password. Once you use the new password to regain access to your device, this password will stay as your Screen Lock password until you change it again in Settings > Security > Screen Lock

For more help with Android Device Manager, please visit this link.

If you have forgotten your screen lock pattern/PIN/Password and did not previously enable Android Device Manager on your device, there is not a way to bypass the lock screen without performing an external reset to wipe your phone’s memory and start over. After wiping the phone's memory with a factory reset, if you will be asked to enter your Google login credentials. In the chance that you do not have the login information, you will not be able to login until resetting your Google information.

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