I'm Locked Out of My Phone


  • PIN, Passcode, or Pattern no longer recognized


  • All Republic Wireless Phones (Android 5.1 and above)


  • Factory Reset your phone through the recovery mode
    • How to Factory Reset a Cell Phone
      • See the "How to Perform a Factory Reset While Powered Off (typically used if the screen is frozen/the power button is unresponsive)" section


Due to the "Kill Switch" regulation to protect consumers from phone theft, if you have screen locked your phone, you must have your Google account credentials and you must perform a factory reset, wiping all personal content from the phone in order to unlock the phone.

Additional Notes

  • The Republic Wireless Help Team cannot remove the security option from a locked phone.
  •  After wiping the phone's memory with a factory reset, you will be asked to enter your Google login credentials. If do not have the login information, you will not be able to unlock your phone until resetting your Google information and waiting for the cool-down period to expire.

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