Financing with Affirm


This article explains what our financing option is and how it works.

Pay for your Phone Over Time

Whenever you buy a Republic Wireless phone with Affirm - pay off your purchase in easy, fixed monthly payments over 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.1


Financing with Affirm Overview

Simple Payment Options

Republic has partnered with Affirm to bring you more purchasing power. Affirm is an easier and faster way of paying for your new Republic phone over time. When you choose to buy with Affirm, you can place your order now and split your purchase total into multiple, budget friendly payments.

How it Works

Your phone is an important tool for your life. Affirm provides financing to get one now. No jargon or hidden fees, just straight-forward financing.

  • Add to Cart
    Browse through our products and add it to your cart.
  • Secure Check Out
    At checkout, select AFFIRM as your payment option.
  • Apply for Loan
    You will be redirected to AFFIRM’s website, follow the steps provided to apply.
  • Order Complete
    Once your loan is confirmed, you’ll be returned to Republic’s checkout page to complete your order.

For more detailed instructions on how to order through our online store, please visit our article.

Please note:

  • If you choose financing for a product, you’ll need to finance all products in your cart other than your monthly plan charge.
  • Buy with Affirm is not currently available to Iowa and West Virginia residents

Shopping with Republic is Easier than Ever

After checkout, Republic will process and ship your order immediately and Affirm will stay in touch with reminders about your payments. Affirm makes it convenient to pay whichever way best suits you; make your payments with your debit card, bank transfer, or personal check.

Your Security is Our Top Priority

Affirm is serious about safety. Affirm is designed to prevent unauthorized use and to protect your personal information. 

Pay on Your Terms

Affirm loans are designed with your budget in mind. With Affirm’s flexible and manageable payments, you can pay back your loan in 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.1 Loan rates vary from 10-30% APR depending on your credit. Your approved rate will be clearly displayed at time of checkout.

Available terms and rates are based on your credit and purchase amount. Purchases under $50 can be paid within 30 days without interest. Purchases over $50 but less than $100 can be paid over 6 months, purchases over $100 but less than $150 can be paid over 6 or 12 months, purchases over $150 but less than $300 can be paid over 6, 12, or 18 months, and purchases of $300 or more can be paid over 6, 12, or 24 months with rates from 10-30% APR.

Affirm FAQs

Learn more at

Republic FAQs


How do I log into my Affirm account to pay my bill?
To access your Affirm account, please sign in at Please keep in mind that your Republic Wireless account isn’t linked to your Affirm account.  We’re separate companies and your finance offering is provided solely by Affirm to you. For example, any payment made to Republic Wireless won’t be reflected on your account with Affirm and visa versa.

How do I find my Affirm account information?
You should have had account information emailed to you from Affirm when you completed your order. If you don’t see an account email from them, please be sure to check your spam folder. If you’re having issues signing into your Affirm account, please contact Affirm by emailing for assistance.


Why do I have to put my credit card information into the Republic Wireless website after setting up financing on Affirm’s website?
Financing with Affirm includes all phones, accessories, and shipping costs in your order, but does not include the cost for your monthly service plan. Once you set up financing with Affirm, you’ll be automatically redirected back to the Republic Wireless website to complete your order, which includes providing the debit or credit card you’d like to use for your monthly service with Republic Wireless.

Note: your Republic Wireless account isn’t linked to your account with Affirm. Affirm will continue to bill you separately for your financed phone and accessories.

What financing terms are available with Affirm?
Affirm gives Republic Wireless members the option to finance their order rather than pay for everything up front. When choosing to finance your order, you must finance everything in your shopping cart except your monthly service plan (if you’re purchasing a phone). Depending on your order total, you’ll be able to select the following terms from Affirm:

Affirm Terms available

Purchase Total 30 Days 6 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
$0 - $49.99*          
$50 - $99.99          
$100 - $149.99           
$150 - $299.99           
$300 or more          

*You may still use Affirm for an order totaling less than $50, but you must pay the balance within 30 days.

Returns and Cancelations

How do refunds work on items I return within 14 days if I use Affirm?
As long as you cancel your Republic Wireless service within our Money Back Guarantee, we’ll refund your monthly plan charge and any eligible products. Once you’ve returned your products to Republic Wireless, we’ll review them to determine if there are any missing or damaged items.

  • If there aren’t any missing or damaged items, we’ll send Affirm the purchase price of the products you purchased. Please note, this means that you will still be responsible to Affirm for any shipping costs you financed and interest that has accrued.
  • If we determine that there are missing or damaged parts, we’ll deduct those costs from the amount we send to Affirm. You’ll then be responsible for the remaining balance with Affirm as well as any shipping costs you financed and interest that has accrued.

Please contact Affirm at to confirm any credits owed or for the remaining balance due on your account.

Can I still cancel my service if I’m outside of my 14 Day Money Back Guarantee date? Do I still need to make payments to Affirm?
You may still cancel your Republic Wireless account, however, you’ll still be responsible for paying your remaining balance with Affirm. Be sure to contact Affirm at to confirm any remaining balance on your account.

Keep in mind that phones canceled outside of the 14 day Money Back Guarantee date will not be eligible for a refund of your phones and/or accessories, this includes any products that have been financed. 

Are there any early termination fees (ETFs) if I use Affirm to finance my phone and later decide to cancel service?
Because the use of Affirm’s financing option is for purchasing products, and is not a payment for any service,  you aren’t under any type of contract with Republic Wireless. If you cancel your Republic Wireless service, you won’t have to pay Republic Wireless or Affirm any sort of ETFs. However, you will still be responsible for the full amount of your financing obligation to Affirm.

I’m still making payments on my phone with Affirm, can I sell my phone or give it to another individual to activate?
Yes, as long as your phone has been canceled with Republic Wireless, you may sell your phone. The phone may also be activated on another account. However, you will still be responsible for the full amount of your financing obligation to Affirm. Please review our Buying and Selling Used RW Phones document.

Additional Assistance

I’m having an issue with my phone that I purchased using Affirm financing, who do I need to talk to for assistance?
Please contact Republic Wireless by opening a Help ticket.  Keep in mind that Republic Wireless agents aren’t able to assist with Affirm specific inquiries.

I have questions related to my Republic Wireless service, where can I go for help?
There are many different ways you can get help from Republic, please review our Getting Help document and choose which way works best for you.

I have additional questions regarding Affirm, where can I go to get help from Affirm?
We understand that you may have more questions regarding Affirm. For more info on Affirm we recommend you check out the Affirm FAQ page and for specific questions pertaining to their finance offerings you can contact Affirm by emailing

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