Troubleshooting Texting Issues


This article provides information regarding troubleshooting texting issues (both SMS and MMS) for Republic Wireless phones.  

Please use the drop downs below for information on various troubleshooting information.

Most Common Causes
The APN settings have not been added (Phones on our 5.0 plans only)

Phones that have been used on other networks may need to have the APN settings created for Republic Wireless' 5.0 network. See: Finish Setting Up Your Phone's APN Settings

The Republic Wireless App Needs to be Updated (Republic Wireless Legacy Phones only)

The Republic Wireless app may need to be updated. To update, please see How to Update the Republic Wireless Application

Recently Transferred Number
It can take up to 72 hours for inbound messages to start working after a number transfer is complete as carrier routing is updated across other networks.
Only 7 Digits Are Being Used
We only support 10 and 11 digits when sending a message; 7 digits will fail.
Previous iPhone User
iMessage will hijack messages sent to your number. If you don't remove your old phone and number from the iMessage database, messages may not be delivered to you. Not Getting Texts from Apple iPhones has more info on how to disconnect iMessage on your iPhone or online.
Previous Phone used the Chat features in the Messages app by Google
If your previous phone used the Chat feature in the Messages app by Google, you'll need to disable that feature on the old phone. Instructions from Google are here: How to turn Chat Features Off
Third-Party Apps (Republic Wireless Legacy Phones only)
Some third-party apps can create a conflict with the Republic Wireless app and disrupt basic functions like messaging. For a list of these applications, please see What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless
Using an Unsupported Messaging App

Install the Messages app produced by Google and set it as the default messaging app. While other messaging apps may work, we'll only provide troubleshooting support for messaging using the Messages app by Google.
Note: Samsung phones on our My Choice plan must use the Messages app by Google. The native Samsung app is not compatible with our My Choice plan.

No/Poor Data Connectivity
  • Text Messages (SMS)
    Our phones, like all phones, need some kind of connectivity to receive a text message. We require a cell connection or WiFi access to the Internet to receive text messages. Once you are connected to cell or WiFi, you will receive your message.
Provider Not Supported
Some providers don't support MMS with Republic yet. For more information on which providers are not supported, please see Is MMS Available? Only MMS is affected, regular text messages (SMS) work fine.
Time Change on Phone
If you have changed your time (not time zone) manually on the phone, MMS may not work.
Other Text Messaging Issues
Delayed Delivery of Messages
  • Text Messages (SMS)
    If your phone is off or not connected to any data or cell source, any messages sent to you during this time will not be received until the next time you connect to cell. When your phone does not have connectivity for an extended period of time, inbound messages may timeout and fail to be delivered. The timeout period is determined by the sender's carrier.
  • Picture Messages (MMS)
    Picture messages can be delayed because they take time to upload and pass through provider networks. Some providers require us to compress or adjust media before sending or after receiving the message. Because of this, we cannot guarantee timely MMS delivery.
Messages Received Out of Order
This is common when SMS messages longer than 160 characters are sent. The sending provider breaks up the message into pieces, and many providers do not send the message number along with these pieces to allow messages to be placed back in order. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that messages will be displayed in the order they were sent.
Duplicate Messages
Duplicate messages are usually related to the quality of the cell network available at the time messages are sent. If the message is sent over WiFi and does not acknowledge receipt, the phone will then send the message over cell through our CMDA or GSM provider, even though the message did send initially. This would cause a duplicate message. This can be a result of messages being sent while you are roaming. Rebooting your phone is a good first step to try in an attempt to resolve.
Responses to a Group Message (MMS) Appear Outside of the Group
Group messages are sent as MMS. Sometimes individual responses in a group message do not appear in the group. This happens when the provider sending the message sends it as a standard SMS with no message indicator. This will happen from time to time, however, if this happens all the time and can be repeated, please contact Republic Help.
A Different Phone Number is Showing When Sending Text Messages
Text Messages Fail to Send and You Receive a Text Back from Yourself
This is caused by issues with the Republic Wireless app. See Republic Wireless App: Overview for possible fixes.
Short Codes
Short codes are shorter telephone numbers used in such things as voting for reality shows or receiving bank or weather notifications. Some short codes are not compatible with Republic Wireless Legacy Phones and short codes that allow charges to be incurred to a user's phone bill are not supported on any Republic Wireless phones. Below, we have listed some links that can help you when troubleshooting issues with short codes.

Email-to-SMS is a great way to get quick alerts to your phone. With Email to SMS, you can receive texts from Paypal, banks, E-mail and other internet sources. Below, we have listed some links that can help you when troubleshooting issues with email-to-SMS.

Troubleshooting Tips
Reboot your phone
Sometimes this simple step is all it takes to fix a lot of unusual phone behaviors.
Make Sure the Republic Wireless App is Up to Date (Republic Wireless Legacy Phones only)
You can check and update the Republic Wireless app by following the instructions in How to Update the Republic Wireless Application
Clear Your Cache
Clearing the cache on a regular basis is a good housekeeping tip for your phone. It helps to keep your phone running in tip-top shape. For instructions, please see How to Clear Cache on Android
Make Sure Mobile Data and Data Roaming Are Enabled
If you have mobile data or data roaming disabled, you may experience issues with texting. See Check Network Settings for instructions on making sure mobile data and roaming data are enabled.
Make Sure Battery Saver is Turned Off
When battery saver is enabled, the Republic app is disabled which causes the wrong number to be displayed for calls and texts, as well as cause issues with sending and receiving calls and messages. See How to Turn off the Battery Saver for instructions.
Reset Republic Wireless App Settings (Republic Wireless Legacy Phones only)
Reset Network Settings
Resetting network settings will erase WiFi, Bluetooth, and reset cellular configurations which may address any connection issues. This troubleshooting step is not available on Republic Wireless 1.0 & 2.0 phones.
Perform a Factory Reset
This troubleshooting step will confirm there is nothing in the operating system that is causing the issue. Performing a factory reset will erase all of your personal data. See How to Factory Reset a Cell Phone for instructions on how to perform this step.
Retry Sending or Receiving Text Messages
Sometimes simply retrying to send the text message can work.
Open a Help Ticket
If the above info didn't solve your issue, feel free to open a ticket with Republic Help. When opening a ticket, be sure to include the following info:

  • What is the specific issue you are having?
  • Which of your phones is having the issue?
  • What steps have you tried to fix it?
  • Does this issue happen rarely, sometimes, most of the time, or always?
  • What number are you using to send the message and what phone number are you sending the message to?