Motorola Alert

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This document is intended for Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st Gen.), and Moto X (1st Gen.) users

 Motorola Alert will let your friends and family know where you are and if you need assistance by: 

  • Automatically sending a notification to specified contacts when you’ve arrived at or left a specific location (or sending periodic updates on your location)
  • Sending a text message to specified contacts if you want them to meet you somewhere.
  • Quickly sounding an alarm or auto-dialing a set emergency number.  

Set up Motorola Alert

Set up Motorola Alert 

1. Open the Motorola Alert app. 

2. Tap Get started

3. Read through the terms and privacy policy, then tap I agree

4. Select contacts to be alerted in an emergency by checking the box next to each contact. Enter a name to search. When you're done, tap Next

5. Set an emergency contact number. When you're done, tap Next.

  • Local emergency service number
    Tap to add phone number.
  • Emergency contact
    Tap to choose a contact from your contacts list. 

6. Choose emergency mode actions: Set to Auto-dial emergency number, Sound alarm, or Neither (you'll be able to change this from the app setting later). Tap Done

7. Tap OK


  • Meet me
    Send an SMS to preset contacts asking them to meet you at your current location.

  • Follow me
    Send an SMS to preset contacts asking them to monitor your location. You can set SMS messages to deliver updates with your current location at different intervals until deactivated.

  • Emergency mode
    Tapping the Emergency button will send an emergency alert to preset contacts with updates of your current location. You can also trigger an alarm, call emergency services, or get in touch with another contact.

  • Location status
    This setting will send a message to selected contacts whenever you arrive at or leave a specified place. Tap to turn on or off (when turned on, the Location status icon will be orange). See Settings for more info.



Under People, you can set your emergency contacts.

  • To add a contact, tap Add person.
  • To edit a contact's settings, tap the settings icon to the right of a contact.

    • Tap Delete to remove a contact from your emergency contacts.
    • Tap Share my location to turn on location notifications for a contact. An orange location icon will be displayed under that contact's name. (Tap Don't share my location to turn off this setting.)



Under Places, you can set which locations are used by Motorola Alert when notifying your selected contacts that you've arrived or left.

To turn on this setting, swipe the toggle in the top right corner from Off to On.

To set a location for notifications:

  1. Tap Add place.
  2. Enter the address.
  3. Name your location ("Home", "Work", etc.)
  4. Tap Done.



Under Settings, you can edit how Emergency mode works by changing:

  • Emergency message text
  • Frequency of location updates
  • Emergency number
  • Automated actions (Auto-dial emergency number, Sound alarm, or Neither.)

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