Data Usage Policy

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With the recent 5.0 plan release, some of the information in this article might be outdated and inaccurate. We are working on this as quickly as we can


This document provides information regarding our Data Usage Policy for both Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 plans. Learn what the policy is for each plan, read FAQs, and learn how you can reduce your cellular footprint.

Cell Data Use - Republic Wireless Plans 2.0 

With the Republic Wireless 2.0 plans suite, native and roaming cellular data are viewed as a single unit. However, roaming is calculated at a different rate of use. While previous plans utilized separate limits for native and roaming towers, the new plans bundle all of your cellular data usage together, with roaming calculated at a different rate than native towers to accommodate how expensive roaming cellular data is. If you're curious about your total cellular data usage, be sure to check your Republic Wireless app > under "Cellular data usage". Cell Data Usage which will give you a more comprehensive view of your usage. 

Once you use up your monthly allotment of data, you can now buy additional cellular data in extra buckets which are eligible for our Republic Refund™ program. Use what you need and get back for what you don't! 

FAQ - Republic Wireless 2.0 Plans 

What's the difference between cell data and WiFi data?

Data - at its core - is what you use to connect to the Internet, download an app, or stream a song or video. This can happen using data over WiFi, or it can happen using data over a cellular network. We refer to WiFi data as the data consumed while connected to a WiFi network and cell data as the data consumed while connected to a cell network. You can view your historical WiFi and cell data usage at any time within the Republic Wireless app.

To learn about how the Republic Wireless 2.0 plans suite treats 3G and 4G data, how the Republic Refund™ cell data purchase works, and for any other questions about how the Republic Wireless 2.0 plans treat cell data use, visit the Republic Wireless Plans page. 

*Our ever-attentive lawyers compel us to remind you:  In the unlikely event of any conflict between this summary and our Terms of Service, our Terms of Service takes precedence over this summary. 

Cell Data Limitations - Republic Wireless Plans 1.0 

Native Towers 

Each bill cycle, you get 5 GB of cell data per service line to use while on Sprint's towers. If you use more than this amount, we'll lower your cell data speeds until your monthly bill cycle renews, unless you're eligible for a free pass.

Free Pass

A free pass allows you to exceed Republic’s cell data limitations (native data only) once in a six month cycle without reducing your native cell data speeds. 

Native Free Pass

The first time you go over 5 GB of cell data per service line, or if you’ve gone six consecutive bill cycles without going over, we’ll give you an additional 5 GB for that service line to hold you over until your bill cycle renews. 

You can earn another native free pass by going six consecutive months without hitting the 5GB threshold. You can repeat this process, but you can only have one native free pass on your account at a time—they do not roll over. 

* Again, our ever-attentive lawyers compel us to remind you:  In the unlikely event of any conflict between this summary and our Terms of Service, our Terms of Service takes precedence over this summary. 

FAQ - Republic Wireless 1.0 Plans 

Will you let me know if I’m getting close to the speed lowering point for native cell data usage?

Absolutely! We’ll send you an email when you’re getting close, when you’ve actually gone over, and if you have a free pass available. Once you hit your bill cycle date, you'll be reset back to full speed. 

Will I be charged if I exceed my data limits?

Absolutely not. If you exceed your native cellular data limits, your cellular data speed will be reduced. You can still use WiFi at full speed as much as you want. We also give you a free pass for native cellular data once every six consecutive months you go without going over your data speeds. 

Will unused data from this month roll into next month?

No, unused data will not roll over into the next month. 

What apps use the most data?

Any type of video streaming, music streaming, or anything that uses GPS (like map or transit tracking apps). 

Will social media apps use all my data?

The short answer is no. It really depends on how much you use social media throughout the day and if you’re watching a lot of videos (which uses more data) or just scrolling through (which doesn’t use a lot of data). For an average user that checks Facebook a few times a day, you will probably only use 1 or 2MB a day. Remember, you only need to keep track of when you’re using it on cell. 

Tip: You can turn off the setting on Facebook that auto-plays videos, check it out here.

What can I do to limit my cell data usage?

You can keep track of your cell data usage from the Data Usage feature in the Republic app. You can also check out some tips and tricks we've put together to help you reduce your cellular footprint. 

What is the Data Usage feature in the RW app?

The Data Usage feature is a way for you to keep track of how much data you’re using, whether it’s cellular or WiFi. You can also see which apps are using the most data. 

How do I use the Data Usage feature?

Go to the Republic Wireless app on your phone, and tap the Cellular Data Screen_Shot_2015-03-06_at_2.38.10_PM.png button . From there, you can select what type of data you would like to see: Cellular or WiFi. You can also select to view a date range or create a custom one. 

What’s the difference between the data usage found in Settings and the data usage found in the Republic Wireless app?

The data usage found under Settings records any type of data used and combines them. The data usage in the Republic Wireless app is specifically designed to break down your usage by Cell and WiFi. This way, you can know exactly how much you’re using at any given time for each category. 

Why can’t I see data usage information on my DEFY XT?

The Data Usage feature is specific to the RW app, which is only available on the Moto E, Moto G, and Moto X phones. 

Reduce Your Cellular Footprint 

Below are some tips on how to use less cell (and more WiFi!) 

  • Cache music for offline listening instead of streaming
    Google Play Music can pin audio for offline listening, and other music apps often have offline modes available. 
  • Sync apps only on WiFi
    Change sync settings for apps so that files and settings only sync when you're connected to WiFi. In Google Drive, make commonly used documents and files available offline.

  • Use offline GPS navigation
    The Google Maps app allows you to download maps for offline use. Other offline navigation apps can be found in the Google Play Store. You can check out directions for downloading maps for offline use and other travel tips in
  • Close unused apps
    If you're not using an app, it could still be open and using data. Tap the icon on the bottom right of your home screen to view open apps. Swipe an app preview to the right to close it.

  • Use airplane mode
    When you're in range of WiFi, place your phone into airplane mode, then turn WiFi back on. This will keep your phone from searching for cell signal.