Adaptive Coverage


Adaptive Coverage™ technology is Republic Wireless’ unique approach for maximum voice quality and coverage. By providing a suite of patented features, we can help to ensure that you have the best calling experience possible, no matter where you are. Click on an image below to learn more about each feature.


WiFi to Cell Handover


Cell to WiFi Handover



Bonded Calling


Voice Roaming

6.png WiFi to Cell Handover

WiFi to Cell handover can be defined as the transition of a call from WiFi to a cellular network without interrupting the call. 

How WiFi to Cell Handover Works 

WiFi to Cell handover is accomplished by two pieces of technology working together, the brains and the brawn. The brain processes data that your phone, your WiFi network, and our network tell us about your call in real-time. It analyzes the strength of your WiFi connection, the traffic on the network, the quality of your outbound call, and a whole host of other metrics to predict the audio quality of your call. If the predictions indicate substandard quality, it kicks the second piece of technology, the brawn, into action to do the heavy lifting. This is the actual handover where the call is seamlessly transitioned from WiFi to Cell. 

How to Manage WiFi to Cell Handover 

While WiFi to Cell handover is always turned on, there are a couple of settings you can adjust in the Republic Wireless App to give you more control over WiFi to Cell handovers. 

  • Allow Manual Handover
    Manual handover can be enabled or disabled to allow you to manually switch from WiFi to cell during a call. 
  • Enable Handover on Networks
    View a list of WiFi networks where calls are allowed to switch from WiFi to Cell automatically when needed to maintain call quality. 

Tip: For full instructions and screenshots on how to adjust the above settings, please go to our document. 

7.png Cell to WiFi Handover 

Cell to WiFi handover can be defined as the transition of a call from the cellular network to a WiFi network without interrupting the call. 

How Cell to WiFi Handover Works 

Cell to WiFi handover is accomplished by analyzing nearby WiFi networks to ensure it's registered (you've connected to it before) and stable enough to hand your call over to WiFi. If all of these conditions are met, your call will automatically be handed over to the WiFi network.

How to Manage Cell to WiFi Handover

Cell to WiFi handover is a feature that you can enable or disable from the Republic Wireless App. For instructions and screenshots about this feature, please go to our Republic Wireless App document. 

8.png Bonded Calling 

Bonded Calling is Republic's patented technology that uses simultaneous connections over WiFi, 3G, and 4G LTE data networks to help improve quality on WiFi calls. 

How Bonded Calling Works 

Every time a call is made, there are thousands of tiny data packets sent and received over the audio stream of whatever network you're on. When you're on a call, these data packets can sometimes stop streaming for various reasons (also known as packet loss). This can either cause audio issues or your call could be dropped completely. Most carriers add more cell towers to get more coverage, and they only let you use 3G, 4G, or WiFi one at a time. With Republic, our Bonded Calling technology will send data packets from other data networks every few milliseconds as backup in case you start to lose quality while on your WiFi call. If a quality issue is detected, we'll be able to patch the call right away with the data packets from any of the other available data networks. 

Bonded Calling FAQs 

How can I get Bonded Calling?

Bonded Calling doesn’t require you to change or adjust any settings. As long as you meet the following requirements, Bonded Calling will work for you automatically: 

  • You must have a Republic Wireless phone on Android 5.0 (or higher). (This means DEFY XT users are not eligible.)
  • Your Republic Wireless phone must be on Republic App version 2.1.0 (or higher).
  • Your Republic Wireless phone must be on Republic Telephony App 2.1.1 (or higher).
  • You must also have access to native cell data (Bonded Calling will not use roaming data), so phones with WiFi only plans aren’t eligible. 

How do I know if I’m on a WiFi or Cell call?

When you’re on a call, it will say either “WiFi” or “Cell” at the top of your screen. 

9.png  10.png 

Will the cell data used for Bonded Calling go against my cell data allotment?

No. Any cell data that’s used for Bonding Calling won’t be counted against your available cell data. 

Will Bonded Calling affect my battery life?

You shouldn't notice any impact on your battery life from Bonded Calling unless you make very long WiFi calls (3 or more hours) in very unpredictable WiFi environments (i.e. congested public hotspots). Also keep in mind that these extra data packets will only be pulled while you're on a call. 

Will Bonded Calling work if I’m on the $5 WiFi only plan?

No. Since Bonded Calling utilizes cell data, the WiFi only plan isn’t eligible to use this feature. 

Will Bonded Calling work if I’m on the $10 Talk & Text Plan?

Yes. Even though the Talk & Text plan doesn’t come with any cell data for you to use, your phone still has access to cell data that’s required for Bonded Calling or other features like MMS and the Republic Wireless app. 

I’m still experiencing call quality issues on WiFi calls, why is that?

Bonded Calling relies on cell data to patch up the packets lost on your WiFi network. If you’re on a WiFi call but in an area where both the WiFi and cellular signals are very weak, you can still experience call quality issues. 

How will Bonded Calling affect handover?

Seamless handovers to the cellular voice network will still occur if your call begins to degrade. This may be because you’re on a poor WiFi network with a poor cell data connection, or because you lost your WiFi connection completely. 

Do Republic phones automatically connect to every WiFi network?

No. Your phone will connect automatically to networks you’ve previously connected to (or networks that have the same name as ones you’ve previously connected to). 

11.png Voice Roaming 

Voice roaming is when you use a roaming network's towers for voice calls. 

How Voice Roaming Works 

Voice roaming occurs if you're out of range of a WiFi or native cellular network. Even if that happens, you can still use numerous voice roaming partners that span across the country to make or receive phone calls at no additional service cost. 

How to Manage Voice Roaming 

There is no managing necessary. Voice roaming works automatically and you're free to make and receive calls wherever you have a cell signal.

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