Republic Wireless 2.0 App

 No longer supported

The phone(s) described in this article can no longer be activated with Republic. Please see Republic Wireless Phones for information on currently supported phones.


  • To provide information regarding the Republic Wireless app
  • Here you'll find explanations for each screen and how to change your settings to best suit your own individual needs.


Table of Contents

Update Your App

To function properly with all available features, the Republic Wireless app and the Republic Telephony app (if on Lollipop 5.1) need to be updated to the latest version. For more info about the latest release, please see our Release Notes.

To update the Republic Wireless app, see How to Update the Republic Wireless Application 

To update the Republic Telephony app, see How to Update the Republic Telephony Application

Your_Phone_Info_Icon.png Your Phone Info



The Your Phone Info tab displays your phone number, app version, your current plan and bill cycle as well as the WiFi network you're connected to.

The Quick Links menu shows links to helpful app features. Tap the icon to open the menu.

WiFi_Usage_Icon.png WiFi Usage

This section is intended for Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.) users only. Republic Wireless 3.0 phones will not see this section in their version of the app.

The WiFi Usage section allows you to view info about your data usage while connected to WiFi.

The usage meter at the top of the screen displays the amount of time you've been connected to WiFi.

  • Our Community goal is 18 hours of WiFi connection. The green meter shows you how close you are!
  • Tap the WiFi_Meter_Icon.pngusage icon at the bottom of the meter to see a message about your WiFi usage.

The bar graph shows your daily WiFi usage for your current billing period, including:

  • Your bill cycle date range
  • How many days are left on your billing cycle
  • Percentage of time you've spent on WiFi
  • The Community average percentage of time using WiFi

Info about your connected WiFi network is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tap to go to WiFi Management.


WiFi Management


WiFi Management provides info and settings for your phone's WiFi connection.

  • Enable or disable WiFi
    To turn WiFi on or off, slide the toggle at the top right of the screen (but why would you ever want to turn WiFi off?)
  • Manually connect to a WiFi network
    To manually add and connect to a new network, tap the  WiFi_Add_Network_Icon.png Menu icon at the top right of the screen, then tap Add Network.

Connected network

If you're connected to a WiFi network, the network name is displayed at the top of the screen. Tap to view details and settings for the network.

  • Edit WiFi Details
    Tap the pencil1.png Edit icon to update the network name, nickname, authentication, and password.
  • Automatic Call Handover
    Slide the WiFi_Auto_Handover_Toggle_Icon.png toggle to enable handover for the network.
    • When enabled, calls will hand over from WiFi to cell when necessary.
    • When disabled, calls will stay on the WiFi network (but you'll still be able to manually hand over to cell).

  • Network Statistics
    This section shows:
    • Total time connected to the network during your billing cycle (or calendar month if billing cycle cannot be determined)
    • Total texts and calls sent and received while connected to the network during your billing cycle (or calendar month if billing cycle cannot be determined)
    • Network's security type
    • IP address
    • Connection link speed

If you're not connected to WiFi, but a network is in range,


You'll see a Not Connected to WiFi message at the top of the screen. (You may also see this while your phone is in the process of connecting to a network.)

If you've turned WiFi off,

wifi_off.png You'll see a WiFi is turned off message at the top of the screen.

Available networks


The Available tab displays a list of WiFi networks in range. Tap a network to connect.

  • If necessary, enter Network SSID (network name), Security, and Password, and tap Connect.

Saved networks

WiFi_Controls_Screen_-_Saved.png The Saved tab displays a list of networks with saved login info and credentials, both public/open and private networks.

WiFi Settings

WiFi_Management_-_Settings.png The Settings tab allows you to enable or disable settings for open (public) WiFi networks. (Note: These features are currently in beta.)

Ask me to join WiFi networks

Your phone can notify you when open WiFi networks (such as public WiFi) are in range. Check the box to be prompted to join open WiFi networks, if no known networks are available.

  • Open WiFi networks must be in range for at least 3 minutes with at least 2 bars of signal to be recommended.
  • If you're in range of multiple open WiFi networks, we'll suggest the strongest one.

When you're in range of an open WiFi network, a popup will appear on your phone screen:

  • To connect to the suggested open WiFi network,
    tap the popup. You'll then be taken to the network's captive portal (login pages with terms and conditions for using open/public WiFi networks).

  • To view a list of all WiFi networks in range,
    tap View all available networks.

  • To ignore a suggested open WiFi network,
    tap Screen_Shot_2015-02-06_at_2.30.47_PM.png More, then choose to turn off prompts for that network For Now or Always. (You can always manually connect to an ignored network later.)

  • To disable open WiFi network suggestions,
    tap Screen_Shot_2015-02-06_at_2.30.47_PM.png More, then tap Disable these notifications.

Help me with extra verification

This feature enables your phone to automatically display WiFi authorization/login pages for open WiFi networks. Your phone will locally and securely store the login actions after you perform them once and automatically performs them on future connections to those networks.

WiFi_Settings_-_Extra_Verification_Open_WiFi.png WiFi_Settings_-_About_Open_Networks.png

To enable:

  1. Tap the check-box.
  2. Read the About Open Networks info.
  3. Tap Enable.

To save authentication for an open WiFi network:

WiFi_Settings_-_Open_Network_Terms.png WiFi_Settings_-_Save_Open_Network_Credentials.png
  1. Captive portals will automatically be displayed the first time you connect to a WiFi network (if the network has one.)

  2. After you agree to the terms or log in to the network (depending on what the portal requires) a popup will appear asking if you'd like to save necessary actions to automatically connect to the open WiFi network in the future.

  3. Tap Save to enable (or tap Don't Save if you don't want to enable this feature for that specific network).

Logging into an open WiFi network with saved authentication:


If you save the authentication actions for a network, then we will attempt to replay them when you connect to that network in the future.

  • If we are able to replay them, then the phone will automatically pass the captive portal and you'll have an internet connection. Your Republic notification will change to Open WiFi connection successful.

  • If you'd like to review the captive portal, you can tap Read network terms.

If for some reason, the replay fails then the captive portal will be displayed again.

Saved WiFi networks


Tap to view a list of WiFi networks with saved login actions.

To disable automatic login actions for a specific open network, un-check the box next to the network name.

Cell_Data_Usage_Icon.png Cell Data Usage


The Cell Data Usage section allows you to view info about your data usage over cellular and adjust related settings.

From the first screen, you'll be able to see how much cell data you have left in your bill cycle (top section), the total amount of cell data you have in your bill cycle, your bill cycle date range, and how many days left in your bill cycle.

Tap on the bottom bar to view a graph of your cell data usage and how much cell data each app has used.

  • To enable or disable all cellular data, slide the toggle_on.png toggle at the top right of the screen.

This section is intended for Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G (1st and 2nd Gen.), and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.) users only. Republic Wireless 3.0 phones do not have data saver capabilities.

The bar graph shows your daily cell data usage for your current billing period, including:

  • Your billing cycle date range (tap to select a different billing cycle/date range to display, or tap and drag the date banners on the chart to adjust the dates displayed)
  • Total cellular data usage for the selected date range
  • Cellular data usage for each day in the selected date range

The apps list at the bottom of the screen displays a breakdown by app of your cellular usage during the selected date range.

  • Apps can be sorted by High-Low usage or Alphabetical
  • To turn off access to cellular data for a specific app, slide the toggle in the Cell Access column from toggle_on.pngON to toggle_off.pngOFF. (Note: Certain apps and settings are hidden from this list.)
  • If you tap on an app, you can see how much cell data that app used in the bar graph above. The amount of cell data used by that app each day will show in orange.

You can also manage your roaming data by clicking on the drop down from the Cell Data menu at the top of the screen.

Republic_Help_Icon.png Republic Help


Need help with your Republic Wireless phone or service?

  • Tap Search our help documents to submit a help ticket from your phone or to access our Community.

  • Tap Ask our Community to go to the Republic Wireless Community and browse our Knowledge Center, ask questions, join discussions, or make suggestions for how to improve Republic.

  • Tap Open a help ticket to get assistance directly from the Republic Help team.

Settings_Icon.png Settings

Settings.png The Settings section allows you to change your phone and service settings, and learn more about your phone.

Manage Account


Under Manage account, you can change your plan or your phone number right from your phone:

WiFi Settings


WiFi settings allows you to enable or disable settings for open (public) WiFi networks. For more information on these settings, click here.

(Note: These features are currently in beta)

Cell Data Settings


Cell data settings allows you to enable or disable settings for data usage over cellular.

  • Cell data
    To enable or disable data usage over cellular (including roaming), check or un-check the box.

  • Roaming data
    To enable or disable data usage while in a roaming coverage area, check or un-check the box.
  • Mobile Hotspot
    To turn your phone into a mobile hotspot, tap Mobile Hotspot. You'll be taken to Settings where you can enable it. Please see Tethering for requirements.

Voicemail Settings

  • Use voicemail password
    Check the box to set a password to access your voicemail from a different phone. (When you access your voicemail, you'll be prompted for your password after the greeting plays.)

    • Passwords must be non-sequential and cannot repeat the same number (i.e. cannot be 1234, 1111, etc.).
    • To reset your password, uncheck the box. To set a new password, re-check the box and enter your new password.

  • Voicemail greeting
    Tap to set the greeting that plays when someone reaches your voicemail. You can use the default recording or record your name or a custom greeting. See Voicemail for instructions.

  • Voicemail forwarding
    Tap to set up.

Advanced Settings



Always show the Republic notification

If checked, the Republic arc will be displayed in the top left corner, even on the lock screen.

Show Data Saver reminders

If checked, you'll receive pop-up messages letting you know when cell/roaming data is being restricted.

Manage handover


Allow manual handover

Manual handover can be enabled or disabled to allow you to manually switch from WiFi to cell during a call.

Check the Allow manual handover box to show the manual handover button during calls.

  • If your phone is currently running on KitKat (4.4.4)
    During your calls, you'll see this button. Tap it to switch your call from WiFi to cell.


  • If your phone is currently running on Lollipop (5.1)
    You can switch your call from WiFi to cell by pulling down your notifications bar and tapping the Handover option.

Please note that if you disable the Republic Wireless notification, manual handover notifications will not show during a call.



Enable handover on networks

Select to see a list of WiFi networks and set which networks calls are allowed to switch from WiFi to cell automatically when needed to maintain call quality. (By default, all networks are checked to allow handover from WiFi to cell.)

To prevent calls from handing over to cell while you're on a WiFi network, un-check the box next to the network name. Handover will no longer occur when you're connected to that WiFi network.



Handover to WiFi when appropriate

When checked, cell calls will automatically hand over from cell to WiFi, if in range of a valid and stable WiFi network.

In order for a cell call to successfully transfer to WiFi, there are a few requirements that need to happen first:

  • Registered WiFi Networks
    When passing a cell call to WiFi, the WiFi network must be registered. Meaning, a network that you've connected to before (i.e. passwords saved on private networks and authentication pages saved on public networks).
  • Stable WiFi Connection
    In order for a cell call to handover to a registered WiFi network, there must also be a stable connection for period of time.
  • Cool-down Period

To prevent a call from flip-flopping between cell and WiFi connections, each handover on your current call will extend a “cool-down” period that must pass before a cell to WiFi handover is attempted again. (WiFi to cell handovers are exempt from the cool-down period.)

For example, suppose you initiate a call on cell and walk into WiFi range. Your call will hand over to the WiFi network. Walking out and back into WiFi range again will make the call wait longer until it is passed to WiFi. The waiting period gets longer with subsequent handover.

How cell to WiFi handover impacts other features

If enabled, a manual handover (pressing the ‘HANDOVER’ button on a call) will move a call to cell and disable automatic cell to WiFi handovers for the remaining duration of the call. You can still use the ‘HANDOVER’ button to manually hand a call from cell to WiFi when in range; note that the manual handover button will not appear if a valid WiFi connection has not been established.

If a WiFi network is disabled for handovers in the Republic app settings, a call may still be passed to the WiFi network from cell. The call will not hand back to cell given the setting choice.


  • Anonymously share usage data
    Check the box to allow Republic to anonymously collect usage data to help us improve.

  • Always enable Android cell data
    Keep this box checked to ensure you don't accidentally turn all cell data off in the Android data usage settings, which can cause degraded cell service.

  • Reset degraded service checks
    Degraded service checks are the popups that warn you about configurations that are known to be problematic, such as:

    • Disabling cell data when on the $10 plan
    • Setting a default SMS/MMS app other than the standard Messaging app
    • Connecting to metered WiFi networks

You can choose to have a degraded service check issue fixed or ignore. If you want to re-enable the degraded service checks you've previously ignored, tap this option.

Email to SMS


Email to SMS allows Republic members to receive emails as a text on their phone, when sent in the proper format listed below. This feature is turned off by default and requires Republic Wireless app version or higher.


Please note that email to SMS is supported by most major email providers. However, there may be some email providers that aren't able to deliver email to our SMS gateways.


Allow SMS messages from email

When checked, emails sent to <yournumber> will show up as a text message on your phone. Example:


  • You can have any combination of to/cc/bcc in the email.
  • If your message is more than 256 characters, the SMS will read 251 characters followed by <...> to indicate the rest of the message. You will not receive a second text with the rest of the message.
  • Text recipients of an email to SMS message cannot reply via text.
  • Messages will only be delivered over WiFi or cell data.
  • While Emojis are supported, media attachments are not.
  • The text recipient of an email to SMS message will only see the email address of the sender. If there's a "cc" on the message, the text recipient will not see the "cc" email address. However, the email recipient of a message sent to both an email to SMS address and a regular email address will see the sender's email address and the email to SMS address.
  • Email to SMS is not carrier specific. When someone sends an email, their email provider is responsible for delivering emails to their recipient. If the email contains Republic Wireless phone numbers in the to/cc/bcc field, we will then process the email to a SMS message and send it to your phone.




  • Phone Info
    The Phone Info section displays:

    • Your phone number
    • Phone model and MEID
    • Version of the Republic Wireless app you have installed

  • Legal Info
    All the fun stuff, tap each document in order to download a copy:

    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Caller Identification Policy
    • Terms of Use (website)
    • 911 and E911 Service Limitations
    • Do Not Call
    • CPNI Information
    • Location Based Services
    • Bankruptcy Contact Notice
    • Money Back Guarantee



Any of these issues may indicate that the Republic Wireless App has crashed:

  • "Republic Wireless has stopped" error message
    This notification window may appear while calling, texting, or using the Republic app. Your phone should restart the app if it crashes, but sometimes it may continue to not function correctly.

  • App-related or WiFi service issues
    The Republic Wireless app, along with customization of the Android operating system, are the main components that make our service work on the phone. If the app is having issues and crashing, calling, texting, visual voicemail, or other app-related features may not work.

  • Cellular service issues
    • When calling or texting a contact, the call or text does not go through and immediately calls or texts you back from your number.


If you're experiencing crashes or other issues with the Republic Wireless app, try these fixes before submitting a help ticket:

  • Restart your phone
    Restarting can refresh your phone if it has been running slowly or not functioning correctly.

  • Open the Republic Wireless App
    Go to Apps, then open the Republic app. If you get a "Republic Wireless has stopped" error message, continue troubleshooting.

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of the Republic Wireless App
    We're constantly resolving bugs and other issues in newer releases of our app. See the Check for updates section to make sure you've installed the latest version.

  • Clear your phone's cache
    Clearing the cache will remove temporary files from your phone, but will not delete your files or settings. See Clearing the Cache for instructions.

  • Uninstall and reapply updates to the Republic Wireless App
    If issues are not resolved by the previous troubleshooting steps, uninstalling and reapplying updates to the Republic Wireless App in the Google Play Store can sometimes be an effective fix, but should only be done when directed by one of our Help team members. See the Check for updates section for more info on uninstalling app updates.

  • Place your phone into Safe Mode
    Safe Mode disables any third-party apps to help determine if your issue is caused by an app or is system-related. If your phone functions correctly in Safe Mode, a third-party app may be interfering with your service.

  • Remove any third-party apps known to cause issues
    Certain types of apps are known to cause interoperability issues with the Republic Wireless App and service. The most common issue-related apps are:

    • Task killers

    • Memory managers

    • Performance enhancement apps

    • Battery savers

    • Antivirus or security apps

    • 3rd party dialers or texting apps

Not all of these types of apps cause issues, but these are the most likely culprits. Remove these apps one by one until your phone is functioning correctly.

  • Check your available storage space
    Make sure your phone is not running low on storage space or RAM. If the Republic Wireless App is fighting other apps for resources, it may be closed by Android.
    • To check your phone's available storage space, go to Apps > Settings > under Device, select Storage > check Available.
    • To check your phone's available RAM, go to Apps > Settings > under Device, select Apps > on the Running tab, check RAM at the bottom of the screen.

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