Email for Motorola DEFY XT

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For DEFY XT Users

Add an email account

Compose an email
Attach files to an email
Check for new messages
Manage email notifications 

Add an email account 

Add a Gmail account 

1. Tap Home

2. Tap the Gmail icon on the Home screen or tap the All Apps icon and then tap Gmail

3. There is a message that says you can use more than one Google Account. Tap Next

4. If you don't have a Gmail address, tap Create. If you do have a Gmail address, tap Sign in.


1. Type your first and last name in the spaces provided. 

2. Type in your desired username, then tap Next. (If the username you requested is not available, the next screen will let you know and offer alternatives.) 

3. Type in your desired password in the spaces provided, and then tap Next

4. Select a security question by tapping the drop down menu. 

5. Type in the answer to your security question in the space provided. 

6. There is also a space provided to type in a secondary email address (this is optional). 

7. Tap Create

8. The next screen shows the Google Terms of Service.  Tap I agree to agree to the terms, and then tap Next

9. Type in the letters you see into the space provided, then tap Next

10. To sync your phone contacts with Gmail account, keep this box checked, or uncheck if you don't want to sync your contacts. Tap Next

11.  Tap Finish setup

Sign in 

1. Type in your username and password into the spaces provided. 

2. Tap Sign in

3. Check the boxes next to the info you'd like to sync.  A refresh symbol will appear for each item you wish to sync.  Once the refreshing symbol goes away and you are done syncing, tap Finish

4. Tap Finish setup

Add an account for other email providers 

If you're using an email provider other than Gmail, such as MSN or Yahoo, you can download their app from the Google Play Store. 

To add an email account using the standard Email app:

1. Tap Home

2. Tap the All Apps icon. 

3. Tap Email. 

4. Type in your email address and password in the spaces provided, then tap Next.

5. A progress indicator will check incoming and outgoing servers.  Once it's complete, type in the name of your account (optional) and what name you want to be seen on outgoing messages in the spaces provided. 

6. Tap Done.  

Compose an email 

1. Tap Home

2. Tap the All Apps icon. 

3. Select an email client: Gmail, Email, or your preferred email client. 

4. Tap icon_menu.png Menu

5. Tap Compose

6. Type a contact name or email address in the To field. 

7. Type your message in the Compose field. 

8. When you're done composing your message, tap Send.

Attach files to an email 

To attach a file while composing an email, follow these instructions before tapping Send: 

1. Tap icon_menu.png Menu.

2. Tap Attach.

3. Find and select the file to attach.

4. Tap Send. 


Check for new messages

To check for new email messages manually: 

1. Press Home.

2. Tap the All Apps icon.

3. Tap Email or Gmail (If you use another email client, tap that app's icon instead.)

4. Tap an account name to open the Inbox.

5. Tap an email message to read it. 

Manage email notifications

If email notifications are turned on

  • An email indicator will appear in the notification bar at the top of the phone when an new email arrives.
  • Tap the notification to open the email or view your inbox. 

You can set your phone to check for email messages at different intervals. See your specific email app for how to set these preferences.

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