Location Based Services

Your mobile device can determine its location (“Location Information”) and can associate Location Information with other data. (You know this, but our pesky lawyers insist that we remind you.) Assuming that you carry your mobile device with you (and really, who doesn’t?), the Location Information naturally includes information about your location. Applications and services offered by us and third parties also can access, collect, store and use Location Information and disclose Location Information to others.

We use Location Information to provide our wireless voice and data services, emergency services, and location-based applications and services offered by us and third parties, including mapping, navigation, weather, mapping and other applications or tools. Your Location Information is subject to our Privacy Policy, which you can access at www.republicwireless.com/privacy-policy.html.

While we make the security and confidentiality of your Location Information a high priority, you nonetheless should use caution when you determine whether you will make Location Information available to others. You also should review any applicable third party policies before providing access to your Location Information.

To limit potential unauthorized access to your Location Information, we offer several means to manage access to Location Information. If you enable location settings, you permit third parties to access your Location Information through software, downloads you associate with your mobile device or through Internet access, messaging functions or other methods. You also authorize republic wireless to collect, use and disclose your Location Information as appropriate to provide you with any location services that you enable.

Effective November 8, 2011