Do Not Call Policy

For Internal Use Only

If members would like to stop receiving communications marketing/non-marketing solicitations, they can be placed on a Do Not Contact (DNC) registry. This article describes the different types of DNC requests and registries. 


Note for Ticket Agents:

If the member is asking for information on Republic's Do Not Call Policy, send them this:


Please see our official Do Not Call Policy, here.


Here are examples of phrases members will say that indicate they need to be put on a DNC registry.

  • I no longer want to be contacted by Republic 
  • Remove me from this list
  • Stop sending me emails
  • Stop sending me text messages



Determine where the unwanted calls, texts, emails, or letters are coming from with the member to ensure proper expectations are set and the correct process is followed.

There are 3 types of DNC Registries:


Republic Do Not Call List

  • Stops receipt of special offers and marketing information from Republic 
    • Calls
    • Emails
    • Mailings
    • SMS Messages
  • Non-marketing communications that are not limited:
    • Account management alerts including security (CPNI) notices, preference change confirmations, plan changes, usage alerts, and surveys
    • Other legal notices that impact an account (i.e. product changes, decommissions)

National Do Not Call Registry

  • Stops solicitation calls from all companies
    • Offers the option to no longer receive telemarketing calls on their landline or mobile number
    • Registration is free for landline and mobile phone numbers
    • Does not prevent Republic from sending marketing products and services to our members
  • To register, members can go to
    • Phone: 888-382-1222
    • TTY: 866-290-4236

State Do Not Call List



Use the following articles to assist members with Do Not Contact inquiries:

  • Add a member to the Republic Do Not Contact List: See the What to Do When Members Ask to Be Put on Republic Wireless Do Not Call List Article.
  • Member is still being contacted once put on the Republic Do Not Contact List: See the How do I assist a member on the Do Not Contact list that is still being contacted by Republic? Article.
  • Non-Republic 3rd Party Robo Calls: See the How do I assist a member who does not want to be contacted by Non-Republic 3rd Party Robo Calls? Article.
  • Do Not Contact Portal Error: See the How do I report a Do Not Contact (DNC) Portal Error? Article.